Recruiting the best talent
and connecting them to
top companies in the Bay Area.


We do not recruit resumes; we recruit talent.

The way we recruit has changed tremendously, especially over the last few years. Finding a great resume is a crucial step in finding a great candidate, but that is just the beginning of the process. We meet with every candidate personally, making a genuine connection to uncover those wonderful qualities you just can’t see from a resume alone.

This helps us find your perfect fit for the job.


Our Expertise

We provide contract, direct hire and executive search services in the following fields:



From Our Resource Center:

  • Thank You

    The Power of “Thank You”

    Your parents were totally right about this…   Thank you. Two of the most powerful words in the English dictionary and a manager’s toolbox.   While this may seem like a very simple topic, it is one that is easily forgotten. When I talk with......

  • Dont do this in a mtg

    How to Maintain Control of Your Meetings

    Make sure you do this in every meeting!   Often described as “soul-sucking,” “the biggest dread in the day,” and “a waste of time,” meetings continue to be a much-dreaded business norm. But the reality is, we do actually need to conduct face-to-face meetings for......

  • How to Impress your New Boss

    5 Tips for Starting a New Job

    How to impress your new boss!     You’ve put in the hard work, interviewed with countless companies, and have finally accepted a job offer. Congratulations! While many people think that the hard work is over, navigating the first few months of a job position......

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