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top companies in the Bay Area.

We do not recruit resumes; we recruit talent.

The way we recruit has changed tremendously, especially over the last few years. Finding a great resume is a crucial step in finding a great candidate, but that is just the beginning of the process. We meet with every candidate personally, making a genuine connection to uncover those wonderful qualities you just can’t see from a resume alone.

This helps us find your perfect fit for the job.

Our Expertise

We provide contract, direct hire and executive search services in the following fields:


From Our Resource Center:

  • 3 Quick Tips to Help You Stand Out in a Group Interview

    How to Stand Out During Group Interviews   The only thing more nerve wracking than an in-person interview is a group interview. Group interviews can include multiple interviewers and multiple candidates. The purpose of this style of interview is to see how you interact with......

  • 3 Situations to Pay Attention To

    Sexual Harassment: 3 Workplace Issues   Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination that violates the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Sexual harassment occurs when one employee makes continued, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical......

  • Smart Tips for Holiday Work Parties

    Tis the Season for Holiday Parties! Are you on the fence about providing alcohol: beer, wine, or spirits for employees to drink at company events? You want your staff to enjoy your work-sponsored events, but you also want to keep your employees safe. It is......

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