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We do not recruit resumes; we recruit talent.

The way we recruit has changed tremendously, especially over the last few years. Finding a great resume is a crucial step in finding a great candidate, but that is just the beginning of the process. We meet with every candidate personally, making a genuine connection to uncover those wonderful qualities you just can’t see from a resume alone.

This helps us find your perfect fit for the job.


Our Expertise

We provide contract, direct hire and executive search services in the following fields:



From Our Resource Center:

  • Pets in the Workplace

    As companies look to provide perks that will attract and retain talent, many are realizing offering pet friendly offices are an effective tool for improving recruitment. With more than 54 million U.S. households owning a dog, it’s a no-brainer that office pet policies are on......

  • How to Manage Grieving Employees

    Bereavement State Law and Company Policy Your legal responsibilities:   Federal Law does not required paid bereavement leave. California Law dictates that private employers are not legally required to offer bereavement leave either. This leaves it up to the discretion of each employer as to......

  • Monitoring Employee Internet Conduct

    Employers have a well-established legal right to track internet use and conduct, email, and other activities of employees using company issued computers and mobile devices. Monitoring workstation activity and conduct can protect both you and your employees.   Read on for 3 tips to monitoring......

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