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top companies in the Bay Area.

We do not recruit resumes; we recruit talent.

The way we recruit has changed tremendously, especially over the last few years. Finding a great resume is a crucial step in finding a great candidate, but that is just the beginning of the process. We meet with every candidate personally, making a genuine connection to uncover those wonderful qualities you just can’t see from a resume alone.

This helps us find your perfect fit for the job.

Our Expertise

We provide contract, direct hire and executive search services in the following fields:


From Our Resource Center:

  • Lots of Jobs? Lots of Knowledge!

    3 Reasons to Hire a Job Hopper Job hopping is becoming the new norm. It is time to reconsider this large pool of available and talented candidates by looking at the facts; the number of people who have stayed in the same job for less......

  • Job Hopping or Jumping at Opportunities?

    Don’t Let Job Hunting Hurt Your Resume   Job longevity is a complicated subject for job seekers, especially in this day and age. The number of people who have stayed in the same job for less than two years has grown from 16% to 51%......

  • 3 Tips to Consider Before Confronting an Employee

    Confronting an Employee? As a manager, confronting an employee who has made a mistake can be a challenge, especially if the mistake was costly to your company. It’s guaranteed that the offending worker isn’t looking forward to the inevitable conversation about their error either. Sometimes......

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