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top companies in the Bay Area.

We do not recruit resumes; we recruit talent.

The way we recruit has changed tremendously, especially over the last few years. Finding a great resume is a crucial step in finding a great candidate, but that is just the beginning of the process. We meet with every candidate personally, making a genuine connection to uncover those wonderful qualities you just can’t see from a resume alone.

This helps us find your perfect fit for the job.

Our Expertise

We provide contract, direct hire and executive search services in the following fields:


From Our Resource Center:

  • 3 Steps Savvy People Take When Starting a New Project

    3 Steps to Less Stress and More Productivity When tackling a new or important project, starting is typically the hardest part. Some employees get stuck in analysis paralysis while putting together their game plan. Other workers may begin their project without a plan, crossing their......

  • How to Be LinkedIn Endorsement Savvy

    LinkedIn Endorsements: What You Need to Know   While applying for new jobs, displaying endorsements from former employers, clients, or suppliers on your LinkedIn network profile can help you stand out. This new feature enables you to request endorsements from other users and display their......

  • Top 3 Habits Causing Misery in the Modern Workplace

    Why Are Modern Employees So Unhappy? According to Gallup, who has been measuring employee engagement in the United States since 2000, a staggering 68.5% of full-time employees in the U.S. are checked out and unhappy at work. At a time when companies are offering the......

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