3 Fresh and Fun Team Building Activities

Think outside the box!

One of the best investments you can make for your employees is in team building. When utilized correctly, it encourages communication, increases collaboration, wards off conflict and builds trust. Avoid planning activities that are obviously crafted to teach leadership lessons, such as a conference centered around lectures, as these are less powerful. A shared experience centered on an activity better allows organic and effective bonding. What are some ways you can put together a fun and effective experience that will bond your staff?


Read on for 3 unique activities:


1: Build Your Own Charity Mini Golf Course

 Provide your team with an assortment of tubes, pipes, boxes, lumber and building supplies to build their own mini golf course. Adorn each putting hole with cases of canned and dry goods to be donated to a food shelter after the tournament. Once the course is complete, pick teams and play! In the end, everyone wins and has bonded together for a common good.


 2: Salsa Showdown

 In this culinary team building activity, divide your workplace into small teams. Make sure this event is equipped with the necessary kitchen utensils, spices and vegetables. Each team will come together to choose what ingredients to use, then attempt to make the best tasting salsa from scratch. Have your management team sit in as a judging panel and award prizes to teams based on creativity.


 3:  Corporate CSI

 Bring the popular television show CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) to real life and give your employees a chance to see if they could make it as real crime investigators. Set up your crime scene with plenty of evidence such as fingerprints and photos. Be sure to also have the proper tools to examine your evidence, like magnifying glasses and microscopes. This suspense filled activity to find the culprit will help your team bond with not only their critical thinking skills, but fun too.


Don’t be afraid to try something new! Planning an amusing team building activity doesn’t have to be stressful, apply some creative juice to your plans and have a good time bringing it to life.



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