3 Steps Savvy People Take When Starting a New Project

3 Steps to Less Stress and More Productivity

When tackling a new or important project, starting is typically the hardest part. Some employees get stuck in analysis paralysis while putting together their game plan. Other workers may begin their project without a plan, crossing their fingers that things will work out along the way. Setting yourself up for success is a breeze with a little structure and forethought. How do you get a new project off to a solid start?


Read on for 3 tips to get a new project started the right way:


1: Do a Little Homework

A little bit of research can go a long way in identifying and avoiding obstacles before they appear. Schedule a few hours to do some research on the impending new project. Give yourself hard deadlines of when your research ends, and the next step of your projects starts. Taking this approach will allow you to begin your endeavor better prepared to set yourself up for success.


2: Set Up a Plan

Once you have done your homework, you will need to set out a clear road map to success. I suggest that your plan has action steps, with milestones tied to specific dates. If you’re working with a team, keep your plan as simple as possible to ensure understanding. Remember this plan is just that, a plan. Be prepared to deviate from it if necessary – any road bumps along the way will teach you valuable lessons!


3: Communication Protocol

In our technologically advanced day and age, we often make the mistake of assuming everyone will communicate in the same manner or timeframe. I suggest signing your team up for Slack, an instant messaging platform meant for business projects. Keep everyone on the same page by scheduling meetings with clear agendas so everyone knows when and where to report.


Don’t let a new project intimidate you! Take a breath and remember these 3 easy tips to get started. Set yourself up with confidence of knowing your time and energy will be well spent. In the end, nothing improves your professional reputation more than being the team player who is willing to step up to the plate and get the job done, and done right!