3 Tips on Terminating an Employee You Like

Dismissing An Employee You Care About?


Dismissing an employee is never easy. When it’s a team member you have become invested in, it is much harder. Sometimes an employee is just not the right fit for their position or cannot keep up with the change in the role responsibilities. The decision to let them go should always be your last resort after all other options have been addressed. What can you do to make this as painless as possible?


Read further for 3 tips to letting go of an employee you care about:


1: Prepare

 Enter the meeting with your thoughts gathered. Avoid coming in from a distracted place, so the employee understands you have given the meeting due consideration.  Have a meeting with your HR department to have all the legal information you need on hand. Most importantly, pick a private and comfortable place to conduct the meeting.


2: Be Empathetic, Yet Firm

 Stick to your planned dialogue, acknowledge their strengths, but do not minimize the problem points that brought you to your decision. Be honest about the reasons for their dismissal and respectfully convey constructive feedback that can be used to improve skills and pursue a position that better matches their strengths.


3: Next Steps

Always provide a Letter of Termination and their final paycheck. Cover details about what will happen to any unused vacation days and how long their benefits will continue after their final day of employment. Let them know what your company’s reference policy is so they can plan for their future job hunt.


Emotions can run high, so do your best to remain professional while kind. The goal is to end on a positive note with no room for animosity. Maintaining a strong professional relationship will benefit everyone in the long run.