3 Ways to Recharge Without Taking Vacation Time

Can’t Vacation? Here’s How to Recharge!

It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about your work, burnout is an inevitable factor if you are not taking care of yourself. The most favorable solution is obviously to take a vacation to reinvigorate yourself. However, packing your bags and taking a relaxing trip isn’t always feasible. Here’s a list of tips you can take advantage of while still working your daily grind!


Read on for 3 ways to recharge without taking vacation time:


1: Unplug Often

 While it’s easier said than done, turning off your computer and putting away your phone is the first step in recharging. As your day is ending, make the effort to discipline yourself to completely disengage from your workday. I suggest focusing a hobby you enjoy, exercising, or simply taking a walk in nature. You will reap the benefits by feeling less fatigued, more alert at work, and even more energized when you do leave work!


 2: Re-Arrange Your Workspace

 You may not be able to change your scenery by going on vacation, but you can freshen up your surroundings. Feeling uninspired can be easily remedied by mixing up your workspace! You can do something as small as changing your desktop background on your computer, bringing in a small plant, hanging a picture of your favorite nature scene, or even repositioning your desk. These simple changes candefinitely make a big difference in your daily outlook.


 3: New Routines

Are you feeling stuck in the rut of your daily routine? Neuroscientists have proven that our brains are always seeking something new, so give into this impulse! Do you normally take in a workout in the evening? Try Switching it up and hit the gym in the morning or meditating for ten minutes before you head into the office. Adjusting your typical routine here and there can make a positive impact on your outlook.


Putting these easy tips in motion can help recharge your batteries. Work on prioritize taking time off into your schedule – whether it is a PTO day just for you, or a four day weekend that allows you to really unplug from the modern world and get in touch with your inner self. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so take care of yourself first and foremost.



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