4 Tips for Grabbing a New Graduate’s Attention

As summer is coming to a close many companies are looking to ramp up their staffing with some fresh new faces. Yes we are talking about hiring new college graduates. This is great because new people bring new perspectives and ideas to the table. But how exactly do you get these young minds to choose you over the competition?

Today’s college graduates want a lot more than stability and a paycheck. There is a completely different set of criteria that these millennials look for in potential employers.

A Job They Can Brag About
College grads want to work for companies they are proud to be a part of. They value brand over most anything else. To be able to say you work for businesses like Apple or American Express who have made it onto Fortune’s list of the World’s Most Admired Companies is a top priority.

Forward Thinkers
As many of us know doing the same jobs or tasks day in and day out can be a drag. The truth is that many graduates end up not pursuing a career that is directly related to their degree.This is due to the fact that many of them see college as a place to expand their knowledge in a wide variety of areas. This doesn’t mean their degrees are wasted. They simply aspire to utilize all that they learned during their educational career differently than we have done in the past. This is perfectly acceptable since much of the knowledge gained in college can be transferred back and forth between different occupations. You might find one of your employees may have a diverse knowledge of software or a particular skill set that can be used in other areas of your business.

A Chance to Advance
All employees like to know that they have the opportunity for career advancement. It makes them feel like a valued employee and that what they contribute to a company actually matters. Plus the pay raise and benefits aren’t bad either. If your company has a record of not having advancement opportunities then your ability to retain your best talent will suffer and you will lose this talent to your competitors. Grads want to know that their career path will go up the mountain not just plateau near the bottom.

Flexibility is Key
It is not about how many hours they spend sitting in an office hammering away at the keyboard. College grads want employers to take notice of what they are accomplishing . While most grads don’t really mind the typical 9-5 work week they want to know that the company they are working will allow them take a few days off or work from home as long as they get quality work done on a timely basis.