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4 Tips to Get Top Talent!


At the core of any successful organization you will find top tier employees who exceed expectations and create new standards. Recruitment of exceptional employees can prove difficult, as they have often seen the impact of their contributions first-hand and understand their value. While your company may not be able to offer free five-star meals like Google, you can still leverage powerful perks.


Here are 4 tips on recruiting the best of the best in a job market that favors the candidate:


1. Leverage Social Media

Thoroughly vetting candidates through their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages will give you the upper hand in the recruiting process. Pete Kazanjay, founder of Talent Bin, boasts “Candidate’s social media profiles [can highlight] personal experiences and interests that tie into professional lives and skills, and may show the person is a perfect fit. Depending on the type of job you’re recruiting for, make sure you’re looking at the right social networking sites to find candidates who may be off your radar.”

Active social media accounts are indispensable resources for employers. Maintain daily updates that showcase your company and what you stand for. While a potential candidate may be content where they are now, you never know what the future holds. Passive candidates are more likely to take an interview with you if they are already engaged with your company online.


2. Encourage Autonomy

There is nothing worse than having a project stalled due to office politics. You are hiring the best of the best, trust that their work is excellent. Communicate that you have confidence in them with the enticing opportunity to develop their career at an accelerated rate. This will attract candidates who are highly motivated to succeed.


3. Embrace Mobility

The top talent of today wants to work for cutting-edge companies on top of workplace trends. A recent report by Gallup found that in 2016, a reported 43% of employed Americans worked remotely part-time. Working remotely is a major perk, so be sure you have the proper resources in place to offer this. Remember, you’re hiring top talent, these are the hard workers who produce results, trust that they are spending their time wisely. Implementing mobile accessibility can be as simple as embracing new software and making sure you have a secure network.


4. Promote Work/Life Balance

Potential recruits should feel like they fit into your company culture from the start.  Some large corporations may feel a bit impersonal throughout their hiring process.  A warm welcome is a great first impression. Create a personal experience for each candidate from their first interview all the way to their first day. A welcoming environment will make them feel like they’ve made the right choice.


At the end of the day candidates want a company where they feel they can contribute and grow rather than materialistic company swag.  If you can convey that you have the people, processes, and technology in place to help them succeed, you will recruit exceptional employees.


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We recently placed a talented candidate in a Branch Manager role with one of our clients, a prestigious community bank. Our client was looking for a seasoned Branch Manager with a minimum of 5 years of experience with an emphasis on rebranding the image of the bank. One of the main reasons Eddy was hired was because of his strong neighborhood connections which enabled him to be on several community boards. Through his outreach he established client relations which increased bank deposits. Eddy now has the task to put his former experience to the test in this new opportunity.
Congratulations Eddy!

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