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As a team of experienced professionals, we have created a unique approach to the recruiting and executive search industry:


We believe that to grow, you must continuously learn, and we take our education very seriously. We look at each search as a learning experience to reflect on where we have succeeded and where we can grow. We engage in seminars, lectures and talks to make sure we are in a state of synchronicity with the industry on a legal, social and technological level


If you have a problem, we will always find an answer for you. Since we work as a team, we are afforded the flexibility to bring in industry leaders to get the right answer to each unique question. We believe two brains are better than one and having a second opinion is a necessity, not a recommendation.


At the end of the day, we are in a people-oriented industry. We believe that each company and person we work with is unique. It is our job to find these nuances and nurture them and that it is within these differences where PC Placements finds its success.


We can tell you what we believe and how we do business, but we want you to make up your own mind about us. The best way for you to get to know us is by doing business with us and experience the difference of working with PC Placements.

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Our Team

Our team of experts collectively have over 50 years of experience in Executive Search and Recruiting. Our core team is featured below:

Martin Shmagin

Martin Shmagin, CEO & Founder, has over 40 years of experience and vast knowledge in mergers & acquisitions, start-ups and turn-around management. He is a hands-on CEO that has successfully managed several East and West Coast public and private companies. His expertise ranges from small private partnerships to public pharmaceutical companies with his current interests lying within the Executive Accounting and Recruiting field.

Cindy Fassler

Cindy Fassler, Vice President, Chief Talent Officer & Founder, brings over 30 years of expertise to the table where she specializes in Executive Search. Cindy is in the unique position to be able to pass down her years of knowledge in recruiting, human resources and coaching to her business partners and clients. Her areas of expertise are Banking, Finance and Executive Administrative support.

Sean Gogan

Sean has spent his entire professional career in the training, team building, and staffing worlds. Sean spent 11 years as a Division I basketball coach before getting into staffing. He has managed both the Direct Hire and Temporary divisions 1 million to 12 million in revenue. He has also represented a leading staffing software firm and has a keen awareness of how specific software benefits a business.

Maureen Stokes

Maureen brings several years of high-quality customer service experience as well as a passion for life and people to our team. Having studied Accounting, Fine Arts, and Fashion at Oregon State University and The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, her creativity, and passion for diverse experiences make her a hard to find right-brained accountant. Maureen’s ingenuity and dedication provides wonderful support to our Clients and Candidates.

Candidate Referrals

One of our greatest sources of pride is the referrals we receive from our clients, candidates, and business partners. If you know someone who is just as great as you are, we would like to help them find a position that suits them seamlessly, while also rewarding you for surrounding yourself with quality people.

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