Are Your Employees Prepared?

Office Medical Emergencies


Employers are responsible for the safety and health of all employees in the workplace. Are you and your staff prepared to handle a medical emergency at work? Here’s how to stay informed and plan ahead.


3 tips to prepare for workplace medical emergencies:


1: Call 911

For many people, it’s difficult to think clearly and logically during a crisis. Always call 911 first. Once proper medical help is on the way, begin to call other appropriate contacts such as supervisors or emergency contacts.


2: Create Awareness

Educate employees; have all local emergency services numbers listed and accessible in your break room and at your front desk. Include safety in your onboarding training and employee handbook for reference and review these plans with employees annually.


3: Consider Training

The AHA reports that more than 90% of surveyed employees said they would participate in employer-sponsored first aid and CPR training courses. The AHA strongly recommends providing CPR, first aid and AED training, there are several options and seminars you can participate in to proactively diffuse an unexpected crisis.


Employee safety should always be your number-one priority and you should always take as many preventative measures as you can to ensure safety. If you need additional guidance on how to get prepared, read SHRM’s: How to Determine Regulatory Requirements for Safety.




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