Four Quick Tips to Building Self-Confidence

Lack of confidence got you down?


Have you ever said the wrong thing in a meeting? Or got passed over for a promotion? Did you make a team decision that resulted in less than glowing results?

These are not uncommon situations and while they may seem like “no big deal”, they can have a big impact on your self-confidence. A recent study by renowned Psychologist Tomas Chammor-Premuzic, found that one’s self confidence has a bigger impact on success than IQ level. He further discusses the importance of following your instincts and how your confidence level is directly connected to how well you are in tune with your intuition.


In business, it is easy to see why having healthy self-confidence is a necessity.  More importantly, learning how to rebuild your confidence after it has been tested can have an even more profound effect on one’s success.


Here are my quick tips for rebuilding your confidence:

Celebrate your successes
One of the fastest ways to rebuild your confidence is through remembering your previous successes. For most people, the smaller successes feel great, but the moment is fleeting. Take the time to really understand and let the feeling of doing a great job soak in. Did you give a great webinar that was well received and attended? Celebrate with a lunch or by treating yourself to a massage.  Another great tip is to keep a journal or your successes. This doesn’t need to be a long and detailed account, but a brief sentence or two that you can review in the moments you aren’t feeling as confident.


Stop talking down to yourself and start talking up
We all have an internal monologue that plays in our heads. This internal monologue can build you up just as easily as it can tear you down. Without even realizing it, we can tell ourselves we aren’t good enough, or that we don’t deserve success. Stopping this negative talk can be hard, since most of the time we don’t even realize when we are doing it.

Instead of focusing on the negative, turn your energy to the positive and implement a practice of talking yourself up. As soon as you feel that your confidence is starting to shake, remember the successes you have accomplished, how many people think highly of you, and that you are here for a reason. This is also a good time to take out your success journal and focus on a few times you were proud of yourself for the work you had done.


The power of a good pep-talk
I call my closest friends for advice when I am presented with a problem or struggle. I started thinking to myself, what if I called my friends before I started feeling bad?
We all have close friends that act as our biggest cheerleaders who know just what to say to make us feel better. If my confidence is feeling less than high, I will often call a friend before going into an important meeting and have them give me a short and powerful pep-talk. It is as simple as “Cindy, you prepared for this meeting. Now go in and absolutely knock it out of the ballpark!” It seems like a small gesture, but the effect it has on my performance is astounding.


Lack of confidence or Imposter Syndrome
Be aware of something that is not talked about enough; a very common shared feeling that we get called Imposter Syndrome. This is the idea that people lack self-confidence and think that at any time, they will be found out for being a fraud, and that they are not actually qualified to do what they are hired to do. Forbes magazine reported that imposter syndrome effects up to 70% of the population, both men and women.

If you are feeling a lack of self-confidence, then I highly recommend trying the steps I’ve discussed. If you are feeling like an imposter, then I suggest reading this amazing article on how to overcome Imposter Syndrome by the New York Times.

Do you have proven methods you rely on to build up your self-confidence? Please share them in a comment on our Facebook page!


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