How To Maximize Your Work Day!

Ever find yourself wondering where the day went? You started with a plan of tasks to accomplish by the end of the day, but by the time the workday ends it feels like you’ve barely chipped away at your workload. We get it – we’ve all been there. Managing your time can be difficult, however, it’s the key to having a productive day. So, where do you start?

Try the following tips to help increase your productivity:

  • “I’m an excellent multitasker.” It’s a phrase we have all said, however according to Earl K. Miller, a neuroscience professor, “multitasking is not humanly possible.” When you think you can juggle taking phone calls, preparing a presentation and sending emails all while eating lunch, you’re only fooling yourself. Take on one task at a time from start to finish – you might even find that you end up completing it faster.
  • “If I take a break, I won’t get my work done!” Working longer hours does not mean you’re being more productive. You will start to overwork yourself and that could lead you down the dangerous path of burn out. Take breaks, even if it’s just a quick 5 minute stroll outside your office. Studies show that even a short break can help boost your mood as well as your concentration.
  • “My commute is such a waste of my time.” Your commute could be your opportunity to start your day strong. Instead of playing games and scrolling through social media on your phone, review your goals for the day, get ahead by reviewing your emails, or you can even use this the time to center yourself for the day ahead with a mediation app.
  • “But first, coffee.”  You should be aware of what time of you are most alert and productive. This time is the perfect opportunity to utilize your best brain time and accomplish tasks that take the most focus and energy. If you start to lose focus an hour before your work day is over, that is probably not the best time to start planning a huge project.

Learning the best way that you can be productive doesn’t happen overnight, but once you begin forming good habits and practicing these tips you will see changes. Avoid overworking yourself and hitting burnout.  Once you find the rhythm that works best for you, you will be amazed at how much more productive your work day is. Check out this detailed planning guide to jumpstart your time management skills to maximize your productivity.