Candidates Still Prefer Personal Touch

The majority of candidates still highly prefer this one thing!


As much as I believe in the benefits of investing in new technology, it can never replace the enduring benefit of personal face-to-face interactions.


More and more candidates have been leaving feedback on the enjoyment of working with me and the personal touches in my business. Instead of an automated phone system, you can always speak with a live person, even after hours. I personally meet with each candidate to ensure that their skills and personality are a great fit for a position. But most importantly, I truly foster a relationship with each candidate; through the inception of our job search process to months into their new job to ensure long-term happiness and success in their position.


Recently, SHRM published a great article on the subject of human touch. They found statistical data to support the continued importance of the human element when it comes to job searches:

  • 77% of respondents said they prefer human interaction when job hunting.
  • 55% of respondents say job boards and careers sites are too impersonal.
  • 40% reported using an employment agency or staffing firm during the job search.
  • 61% feel uneasy about providing their personal employment information online.


With the personal touch being more important now than ever, here are some unique ways to provide a personal element to your recruiting process:


Personalized Correspondence

Though I utilize online job boards to identify passive candidates, before I contact a candidate, I always find something personal to discuss or complement them on. I take the time to read their profile or summary instead of just their name, title, and keywords that appear in my search.

I have found it highly necessary to tailor each message so the candidate knows that I have taken the time to get to know who they are through their summary, resume, or other online profile.


Since almost any candidate’s information can be found online, there is no excuse anymore to send a “cold call” or “cold email.” It is okay to use a template to get your thought process going but know that a more personal email or call has a better likelihood of getting a response.


Provide support

During the job search process check in with your candidate; whether it is a quick phone call, an email, or an in-person meeting. This helps keep them fully engaged. The job search process can be intense for a candidate and a regular check in provides much needed support. Providing open communication gives candidates the chance to ask questions they may otherwise feel are unimportant or too small to waste your time. This type of tailored support and coaching can help get your candidate closer to landing their dream job.


Keep the connection going

The relationship with a recruiter shouldn’t completely stop once a candidate has been placed. Connect with them a few days before their start date to check in on how they are feeling and to answer any questions they may have. Follow up by sending a few trusted tips around how to be successful on a new job. After their first three weeks, I give them a personal phone call for a first-hand account how everything is going. I also always follow up with their manager to make sure everyone is on the same page and that expectations are being met.


In the wise words of Albert Einstein, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Adding the personal element to your job and the people you work with will do nothing but add value to your services and your business.



I have the pleasure of working with very talented and highly skilled individuals. Each week I will be featuring a great candidate that is ready to start a new chapter in their career.

Meet our Tax & Accounting Professional:

Our Candidate has a nice blend of corporate accounting and Tax preparation experience. He uses strong customer service skills to interview clients to provide excellent service to accurately and efficiently prepare tax returns. He conducts independent research on various tax topics, using publications, tax codes and regulations to ensure proper reporting and interpretation of the law, including experience drafting response letters to tax authorities. When the tax season slows down he has accounting skills and can maintain daily accounting, financial statements, bank reconciliations, and accounts payable and receivable responsibilities.


  • CPA Candidate
  • Prepared over 400 tax returns involving various topics including: rental properties, stock options, cancelled debt, foreign income, multi-state, partnerships, S-corporations, C-corporation, & NOLs.
  • Assisted in lowering a new audit client’s tax liability and fraud penalty by researching tax topics, identifying errors on the tax return and completing an amended tax return.
  • Prepare and organize documents for clients that are in the process of being audited by the IRS and/or the Franchise Tax Board.
  • Perform bookkeeping functions such as adjusting journal entries, chart of accounts, general ledger and bank reconciliation.


Give us a call at 925.303.4664 to set up an interview with this flexible Tax & Accounting Professional, or to find out more about our other talented professionals!