Diversity Hires – Creating a Diverse Workplace

Workplace diversity should be a top priority for Hiring managers and HR departments. Diversity should not be a cut and dry matter of compliance, but a proactive and inclusive mindset and value of your company. Research has shown that diversity contributes to success in the workplace. For example, McKinsey & Co. 2018 research shows that racially diverse companies outperformed non-diverse companies by 35% and that gender-diverse companies were 21% more likely to experience above-average profits than companies lacking diversity.

Widen the scope; avoid focusing on diverse hiring for a single position, but rather focus on how to incorporate it into your company culture. Company diversity begins before the hiring process even starts. It takes a commitment and conscious effort to consider and implement a 360° approach to inclusive hiring. It is important for HR and management to understand their organization’s mission statement and core values and how diversity contributes to their overall success. 

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How to Properly Apologize to Coworkers

In the workplace, employees can have varying opinions and perceptions and expectations. On any given project or conversation clear communication is essential, however, this can easily be blurred. Misunderstandings do occur and without proper remedy, they can potentially lead to bigger problems and even legal claims.

SHRM columnist Jathan Janove explains that in his 25 years of experience as an Employment Attorney, he has found that apologizing can actually prevent most issues from escalating in the workplace. The key is how one apologizes. As a leader, you can teach your employees how to appropriately apologize by educating them on emotional intelligence.

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When An Employee Gives Notice

California is an at will employment state, meaning employers and employees can end employment at a moment’s notice. When it comes time for an employee to resign, it is usually a simple process in which the employee gives their notice with an end date.

But, what if you receive just a verbal resignation from an employee you clearly will not miss? Receiving this resignation can leave you jumping for joy, however, you’ll want to withhold from celebrating until you have received written confirmation with an agreed upon end date! Once a team member gives notice, it’s time to partner with HR so you can systematically navigate the resignation process to avoid any road bumps along the way.

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