3 Bad Communication Habits to Break

Are Bad Communication Habits Holding You Back?


As a leader, it’s critical to practice good communication habits to ensure your team is receiving messages clearly. Your role as a supervisor sets the tone for managing the flow of information between employees, so clarity is key. We have all been guilty of getting defensive, sending an email full of typos or interrupting a colleague while they’re speaking. How can you break your bad communication habits and build better ones?


Read on for 3 bad communication habits to break:


Short-Term Incentives and Bonuses Abound!

3 Steps to Establish Variable Pay Programs


Variable pay – payment of short-term incentives and bonuses- is becoming an increasingly popular mode of compensation in today’s business world. A New York Times report states these incentives have skyrocketed from 4% of payrolls in 1988 to 13% in 2016. The rise of variable compensation throughout organizations reflects the priority of aligning compensation with performance while keeping fixed costs under control. How do you instate a successful variable pay policy at your company?


Take these 3 steps to establish a successful variable pay system:


5 Tips to Effectively Network in Person

Master Face-to-Face Networking!


“Networking” is a buzzword that many professionals have conflicting feelings towards. While working a room full of business professionals may come naturally to some, 40% of people are more comfortable engaging with colleagues online rather than in person. Making in person connections will undeniably help your career! How do you master challenging face-to-face situations and walk out of your next networking event with new connections?


Read on for 5 tips to help you effectively network in person:


How to Retain Your Dedicated Employees

3 Ways to Retain Dedicated Employees


Maintaining an engaged and enthusiastic team is hard work. The bad news is, 2 out of 3 employees become less dedicated over time. The great news is, 1 out of 3 employees will stay and dedicate themselves to their careers. What can you do to promote their growth opportunities?


Read on for 3 tips to retain your dedicated employees:


Are Your Employees Prepared?

Office Medical Emergencies


Employers are responsible for the safety and health of all employees in the workplace. Are you and your staff prepared to handle a medical emergency at work? Here’s how to stay informed and plan ahead.


3 tips to prepare for workplace medical emergencies:


3 Fresh and Fun Team Building Activities

Think outside the box!

One of the best investments you can make for your employees is in team building. When utilized correctly, it encourages communication, increases collaboration, wards off conflict and builds trust. Avoid planning activities that are obviously crafted to teach leadership lessons, such as a conference centered around lectures, as these are less powerful. A shared experience centered on an activity better allows organic and effective bonding. What are some ways you can put together a fun and effective experience that will bond your staff?


Read on for 3 unique activities:


Workplace Wellness Programs Are Here to Stay

How to Do Workplace Wellness Programs Right


Corporate wellness programs provided to employees to promote health and productivity have made leaps and bounds in recent years. Wellness and preventative health benefits are key to help maintain or improve employee health concerns. By heading off health problems, organizations can expect to save on long-term health costs, while watching their staff flourish both in wellness and productivity. These programs are no longer just a “fad” and are here to stay, so how can you implement a wellness initiative to stay current and competitive?


 Read on for 4 tips on workplace wellness programs:


The Latest Trend in Hiring, Boomerang Employees

Welcome Back, Boomerang Employees


Employers are now viewing former team members who left on good terms as a potential part of the organization’s future, rather than their past. These workers are called “boomerang” employees. A study conducted by the Workforce Institute at Kronos and WorkplaceTrends.com revealed that 40% of employees would consider going back to a previous employer. Maintaining a good relationship with former high performing employees is now more important than ever. How can you set yourself up to successfully reinvest in boomerang employees?


Read on for 4 tips on boomerang employees:


Safety is No Accident

Don’t Get Caught Unprepared!

As we come to the end of National Safety Month, I have made a list of some basic workplace safety tips you should not only be aware of, but should definitely be speaking to your employees about. The National Safety Council offers free material you can share with your office. This year’s focus is on combating fatigue, falls, how to respond to an active gunman, and implementing proper ergonomics. Physical and emotional safety should always be your first priority in the workplace.


Read on for 4 recommendations on how to improve safety in your workplace:


Pets in the Workplace

As companies look to provide perks that will attract and retain talent, many are realizing offering pet friendly offices are an effective tool for improving recruitment. With more than 54 million U.S. households owning a dog, it’s a no-brainer that office pet policies are on the rise. When polled, 75 million Americans said having pets in the workplace would positively impact their mood and productivity. Central Michigan University also found that pets can act as social catalysts, a 2017 study found that animals in the workplace made employees more attentive, friendly, and collaborative. There are many benefits to bringing Fido to work, such as lowering stress levels, creating camaraderie amongst staff, and fostering productivity. What questions do employers need to ask when considering a pet-friendly policy?


Read on for 3 questions to ask before you establish a pet policy: