How to Manage Grieving Employees

Bereavement State Law and Company Policy

Your legal responsibilities:


Federal Law does not required paid bereavement leave. California Law dictates that private employers are not legally required to offer bereavement leave either. This leaves it up to the discretion of each employer as to whether or not they will provide this benefit. Public companies are required to cover three days of paid leave following specific requirements “(Govt C §19859.3(a)–(b)):


  • The leave must be granted for the “death of a person related by blood, adoption, or marriage, or any person residing in the immediate household of the employee at the time of death”;
  • The employee must provide advance notice of the need for leave to his or her immediate supervisor;
  • The employee must provide documentation confirming the death; and
  • The employee may take an additional 2 days (without pay or by accrued sick leave) if the death occurred outside California.
  • If the employee needs additional bereavement leave, he or she may use accrued vacation or compensating time off, or take an authorized leave without pay, subject to approval. Govt C §19859.3(c).”

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Monitoring Employee Internet Conduct

Employers have a well-established legal right to track internet use and conduct, email, and other activities of employees using company issued computers and mobile devices. Monitoring workstation activity and conduct can protect both you and your employees.


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Are These Bad Habits Destroying Your Ability to Lead?

3 Bad Habits to Drop Now!


With over thirty three years of experience in staffing and coaching, I have seen three common traits that keep good managers from being great ones. Everyone wants to do their best, whether you’re a new supervisor or the President of your company. If you are struggling, see if you are guilty of one of the following habits. Find out how to break them and put yourself back on track to successful, positive leadership.


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Summer Hiring is Here!

 3 Quick Tips to Summer Hiring


Most recruiters know that after the winter holiday season, the second busiest time for hiring is summer. Over 60% of recruiting professionals report the talent shortage as a major challenge for 2017, making it difficult to find quality temporary staff to cover summer vacation relief.


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A New Wave of Cutting-Edge Benefits to Retain Employees

Are Work Concierges on The Horizon?


Trendy benefits such as free lunches and ping-pong tables are effective luring in candidates, but according to Glassdoor’s economic research they don’t necessarily help with employee retention. Tried and true benefit packages including medical insurance, paid sick days and holidays and retirement plans are now presumed to be the rule- not the exception. Anything beyond these aforementioned benefits such as partial college tuition reimbursement or voluntary sabbaticals may seem extravagant, but going the extra mile to invest in your staff will pay off in the long run. What are some cutting-edge perks you can use to obtain and retain your staff?


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The New Generation Flooding the Job Market: Gen Z’ers

4 Tips to Recruit and Retain Generation Z


The one question my clients have been asking the most as of late is “What’s the difference between Millennials and Generation Z?” Just like that, the newness of Millennials is about to be replaced by Gen Z’ers storming the workplace when they graduate college this spring. To be clear, Generation Z consists of those born in the year 1995 to the early 2000’s. They currently make up 26% of the United States population and will make up one-third of the U.S. population by 2020. This is certainly worth paying attention to while preparing your business to adjust leadership styles, shift marketing targets while adapting new recruiting methods to stay up to speed. How should you prepare your business for the influx of a new generation?


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3 Must Do Tips

Conquering Your To-Do List Once and For All


As a professional, how can you be productive and make sure that you’re prioritizing the correct tasks? If you’re a self-starter like me, you know that a to-do list can easily get out of control.  It can be a daunting task to sit down to an overwhelming list to figure out where you should start. First off, don’t panic. Take a step back and refresh your perspective. Figure out how to prioritize your list with these 3 tips:


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3 Things Savvy Professionals Do When They Get a New Boss

New Boss? New Opportunities!


Being assigned a new boss can feel like starting your position over at square one. There’s no doubt that having a clean slate can be promising, but transitioning into working under a new supervisor is always nerve-wracking. The workflow and social nuances you had created with your previous boss are now thrown out the window. Your first inclination should be to put your best foot forward and begin to build a new professional and productive rapport. This is easier said than done, so what steps should you take when you find yourself with a new boss?


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How to Navigate a Complicated Referral Request

5 Questions to Consider Before Referring a Colleague


It’s no secret that a job referral is the ultimate advantage to getting your resume noticed and landing your dream job. It’s all about networking and getting your proverbial foot in the door. Your LinkedIn and personal email have likely received at least a few messages from colleagues kindly asking for a referral at your company. This type of request can put you between a rock and a hard place, as a failed referral can bruise your reputation and your friendship. What should you consider before saying “yes” to giving a job referral?


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3 Bad Behaviors You Can’t Reprimand

Accommodating Bad Behavior, the fine line!


Grounds for disciplining employees used to be strictly black and white for many employers. However, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has taken an aggressive stance to limiting employers’ rights to discipline workers, leaving the definitions of punishable infractions in a grey area. Issuing a final warning for a first offense, or moving straight to termination is now a procedure of the past. Employers need to be more careful than ever to make sure their systems and policies are consistent with both the National Labor Relations Act and state law going forward.


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