How to Onboard Executives

Most of us know the cost of losing an employee and the rigorous process to replace them. But when we are talking about losing and replacing an executive, the costs skyrocket. To put it into perspective, CBS Money Watch recently reported that “The cost of losing an executive is astronomical — up to 213 percent of the employee’s salary.”


PC Pointer: The Results Are In!

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In honor of reviewing our process, we thought it would be great to see the top pointers of 2015 as chosen by you!


6 Tips for Setting Employee Expectations in the New Year

Communication is key when it comes to employees understanding what is expected of them, and it shouldn’t just happen at an annual review. Employees who are engaged are more likely to perform well, retain customers, and contribute positively to the work environment as well as to your bottom line.

1. Plan ahead:
If you are just starting to think about what you want or need from employees at the end of the year, I encourage you to take a step back. Evaluate what’s important to your organization. What are the goals you want to meet in 2016 and how can employees help you get there? Once you know where you want to go, you can plan a course of action to meet goals that involves all levels of management and employees.


Five Facts About Thanksgiving

The meaning behind Thanksgiving has gone to the birds! What began as a declaration of a national holiday for giving thanks by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, has become commercialized. Stores open right after the last bit of turkey has been served and holiday shopping begins. That’s not exactly what our forefathers intended when they declared it a holiday.

Here are facts about Thanksgiving that might surprise you:

1. Sarah Joseph Hale, the author of Mary Had a Little Lamb, worked for 20 years and four presidents to get Thanksgiving declared a national holiday. Lincoln passed it as a way to unify the country post-Civil War.


Tips for writing better Job Descriptions

Are you having trouble finding the right candidate for your company? Maybe the problem is the job description. Making it too long, not leaving enough white space, using a canned description, forgetting to mention perks, and not being mobile-friendly are a few of the reasons you might not be attracting the right candidates.

The next time you have to write a job description, try these tips:

1. Keep it short:
While the Internet is ripe with information for just about any topic, it has also made us scanners rather than readers. That includes your job descriptions. Keep it short and get creative to attract the type of candidate that you want for your business.


Employee Retention in the New Year

The #1 Way to Keep the Best Employees

With 2016 just weeks away you are probably focused on year end goals. As you are reviewing numbers, don’t forget your employees who make the company a success. Not listening to their ideas can cost you.

Take a moment to focus on your team:
Do they feel valued?
Have you listened and implemented any of their ideas?
Are they finishing the year, grabbing their bonus, and making a path for the door to work for your competitor?


Bridging The Gap Between Personal and Social Hiring

Are you using LinkedIn and other social media sites to connect with your desired audience?

The value of having a mobile-device-friendly website is greater than you think. Social media sites that regularly update with relative content are not only an essential way to connect with people in your personal life, but also in your professional life. The tools to utilize Social Hiring are literally at your fingertips. Start using your companies’ social media accounts to connect with prospective employees.

Employee Engagement: Still Enthusiastic?

Tips for Keeping Employees Engaged

(even after the New Year)

With only 70 days left in 2015, you’re probably more focused on making year-end goals than you are on employee engagement so don’t forget your team!

To keep employees engaged even after the New Year, focus on these tips:

1. Communication starts at the top.
Does your team know what is expected of them?
They should if you want them to be involved. Too often managers aren’t communicating concise information to employees. This leaves employees not understanding their role in the company, becoming disengaged, and leaving for a position with a competitor. Don’t let that happen to you! Make sure managers are communicating with employees about everything from company news to what everyone is bringing to the department potluck. Employees need and want to know what is going on in the company and why certain changes are or aren’t being made.


Hiring ROI

In our last PC Pointer we asked you to check in with your managers and teams about their progress toward year end goals. Where were they experiencing success? Where were they struggling? Then we asked you how you could help. That means listening to what your teams are telling you:

  • Are you creating an environment that fosters success?
  • Are your Managers hiring the right talent?
  • Do you have the right people in the right jobs?
  • Does each team know how their function relates to the overall goals of the organization?