How to Find Happiness at Work

We spend the majority of our day at work, so it is important to love what we’re doing and enjoy our time in the office. When you’re happy at work, you are more productive and engaged. Finding happiness at work is an easy choice to make that begins with you! Your attitude and how you choose to experience your time at the office directly impacts your day. What can you do to find happiness at work?

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Keep the Holidays & the New Year Flexible

Now, more than ever, employees seek flexible work schedules as well as remote-work options. These enticing benefits can help employees stay more engaged and productive, especially during the holiday season. According to a survey from Accountemps, high stress factors during the holiday season were “holiday events and work obligations (32%), taking time off and coming back to heavy workloads (23%), and having fewer people on the job to help (18%).” While money may be one of the biggest motivators employees seek, flexible schedules and benefits are making their way to the top of the list. As we move through the busy holiday season and into the New Year, keep an eye out on what your employees are really asking for and what new employees require to say yes to your job offer.

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Tips for Retaining New Employees

Hiring a new employee is a delicate process which takes time, money, and effort! Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has found that hiring a new employee can cost an average of $4,129, or up to 20% of their annualized salary. SHRM also found the hiring process typically takes 42 days. Finding that perfect placement is crucial, however, once you have found them the work is far from over. According to Tinypulse’s research, 22% of employees leave within the first 45 days of starting a new job. Your company needs a strong and effective onboarding process that goes beyond the new-hire paperwork, otherwise you’re setting up your organization and your new employee for failure. How can you effectively retain your newest talent?

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Planning an Inclusive Holiday Party

December is a time where many religious and secular holidays occur, flooding our inboxes with end of year party invites and warm holiday wishes. Holiday party planning can be tricky as the work force is diverse with various cultures and religions. Trying to plan a Holiday party that recognizes all cultures and religions could be a recipe for disaster. If any employees feel left out, even a small percentage, experts say that it can have a negative impact on overall employee productivity and engagement. The usual goal of end-of-year parties are to show appreciation to everyone. The inclusive approach would be to remember that all employees come from various faiths and traditions. How can you make all employees feel included during this festive time of year? 

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Managing The Thanksgiving Dinner Table

The office is full of unique individuals with distinctive traits and special skills that they bring to the table to create a cohesive team that drives company success. With all these personalities, it’s inevitable that some employees will have varying opinions and butt heads with one another, while others will prefer to keep quiet and buckle down with work. Much like the office environment – your Thanksgiving dinner table may bring a similar mix of personalities and conflicting opinions. Some dinner tables reflect a picture perfect “team meeting” others leave the host fretting over who can sit next to who, and who needs to be on opposite ends of the table. While it’s recommended to leave your work at the office, who says you can’t take a few of your management tricks to the dinner table this holiday season?

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How To Manage Layoffs

Letting employees go can be an inevitable occurrence within a company and will never be an easy task for the manager or the employee. Understanding the optimal and appropriate way to layoff these employees can make or break the process. Employees who are laid off will need reasons, transitional support, and empathetic managers during this emotional and rough time. Remaining employees need reassurance in order to help them stay productive, feel safe in their role, and stay committed to their company. What can you do to ease the process of layoffs?

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How To Be An Ethical Leader

Ethical behavior in the simplest form is knowing what is right and how to act upon that knowledge. In our current competitive business world ethics are often pushed aside or brushed under the rug entirely. There is a vast difference between being simply a boss and being an ethical leader. As a manager your actions directly affect your employees and according to Linda Thornton, author of Seven Lenses: Learning the Principles and Practices of Ethical Leadership, having a team that acts ethically in the workplace starts at the top. Ethical leadership has a positive impact on corporate culture and managers who understand this are more likely to attract and retain top talent and clients. How can you practice ethical behavior and lead by example?


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How To Maximize Your Work Day!

Ever find yourself wondering where the day went? You started with a plan of tasks to accomplish by the end of the day, but by the time the workday ends it feels like you’ve barely chipped away at your workload. We get it – we’ve all been there. Managing your time can be difficult, however, it’s the key to having a productive day. So, where do you start?

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The Art of Time Management

As a manager your time is valuable, one of the essential skills of a great leader is excellent time management. You are often required to stretch yourself across various areas of the business to make sure your team or department runs smoothly. While your to-do list seems never ending, unfortunately the amount of time you have each day to complete it is limited. If your plate is constantly overfilled, your time spent at work and worrying about work will eat into your work-life balance. According to a Gallup study, more than half of full-time employees work over 40 hours a week. So how do effective leaders manage their time successfully by working smarter?


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Managing Change

Change is inevitable. You, your team, and your company are bound to experience it along with the potential roller coaster that can accompany it. In order to grow through change, it is imperative that you and your management team know how to navigate it. While change might stir up some resistant staff members, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing! By appointing the appropriate leaders to manage change and by planning ahead – you can continue to navigate change as smoothly as possible. How can you successfully manage change in your organization?

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