Let’s find your dream candidate

What We Do

PC Placements understands that each role you have to fill is unique and that the candidate that fills the role needs to be just as special. Looking through countless job boards and having over 100 applicants apply can be a great start to finding that perfect candidate, but it is only giving you a one-dimensional look and not to mention it can be overwhelming and a huge time commitment. At PC Placements, we leave no stone unturned.

 To put it simply, we find the best possible solution for your staffing needs.

Our Areas of Specialty

You may need seasonal workers to get you through tax season or a new executive to join your bank. Whatever your unique recruiting needs are, we are ready to partner with you to find your dream candidate. We provide contract, direct hire and executive hire services focusing in the banking, finance, and executive administrative fields.

How We Do It

We use our collective 50+ years of recruiting and industry knowledge to come up with a creative strategy to sourcing top-notch talent. We start off by making sure we know exactly what your requirements and expectations are for the open position. We take the insights we learned from you and your business and put them to use to identify the perfect candidates.
We distinguish key elements that are important to you to screen candidates so that we can make sure we are using your time efficiently and effectively. We also take a look at core qualities including the candidate’s competencies, personality traits, and behavioral characteristics. Once we have found our top candidates for the open position, we work with you to streamline the interview process.

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