Do You Belong? When Imposter Syndrome Strikes

4 Tips to Defeat Imposter Syndrome and Thrive!


Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough or didn’t deserve your job? Do you fear you will eventually be “found out” and let go? This negative thought process is what is called imposter syndrome. Regardless of whether or not an employee is in an entry level position or upper management, imposter syndrome effects professionals at all levels. This affliction causes employees to convince themselves that their professional successes were not earned but simply based on timing or a lucky hand out. Dwelling on personal insecurities can be a slippery slope. In order to not become consumed by imposter syndrome, acknowledge achievements that were rightfully earned and move past it. What are the best strategies to gain back your confidence and fast track your career?


Read on to learn my 4 best tips to overcome imposter syndrome:


1.  Become a Mentor

Take on a mentorship role that can directly reflect your skillset through teaching. Sharing your experience with a colleague will help you realize the expertise, skillset and knowledge you possess. The age old saying “to teach is to learn twice” rings true in this situation. You will be surprised how much you actually know and how well you share it while guiding someone else along their path.


2. Take a Risk

Playing it safe by sticking to your routine tasks is a natural yet detrimental response to avoid being “found out” as an imposter. An effective way to gain exposure and accelerate your career is to embrace new professional challenges when possible. Explore your full potential by writing down your career goals and taking them on one by one.


3. Stop Comparisons

Too often we fall into the trap of an inaccurate and unproductive comparison of ourselves to others. Just because someone appears to be succeeding on the surface, doesn’t mean they aren’t facing the same doubts or insecurities as you. Instead, focus on your own achievements along your career path. Remind yourself that you have worked hard to get where you are.


4. Embrace Positivity

Fear and insecurity are natural when it comes to trying something new, just don’t let them be your only responses to reaching for your achievements. Remind yourself that you undoubtedly have the expertise and drive to produce the highest quality of work. You were hired because your manager thought you were the best person for your job. Prove them and yourself right.


As a closing note, the most important thing to remember is that you got to where you are because of your own hard work. You are your biggest advocate and worst critic, so steer clear of negativity and embrace productivity! If feelings of insecurity or inadequacy start to creep in, remember my four tips to stop them in their tracks before they consume your day.


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