Does Workplace Culture Lead to Success?

4 Ways to Boost Your Workplace Culture


While it’s easy to get lost in productivity hacks, don’t let the importance of your company culture fall to the back burner. A recent study concluded that a positive workplace culture cultivates better employee performance. The concept of company culture covers many different characteristics of a business. It has visible components in the way that a business looks and how employees dress, but it really thrives in the attitudes of employees by setting goals and communicating your company values to workers and customers. Management sets the pace for creating, defining, and instilling company culture. I know first-hand that a happy employee is more productive, so let’s explore some easy ways to build a comfortable yet productive tone at your office.


Core Values

Think carefully about what your core values will be. This is what your employees are going to turn to for guidance. An article by The Huffington Post  hit the nail on the head in describing the concept of company culture, “Your values determine what is important and meaningful to you. They align with your purpose, and speak loudly and passionately to others — and to yourself — about who you are and what you’re called to do in this world.” Find genuine values that stick and your culture will remain intact.


Embrace Transparency

Both you and your employees spend the majority of your time working for your business, so let them in on what’s really going on. Letting your team know the inner workings of your company operations and future not only inspires more participation, but ultimately garners trust. Open the lines of communication to share feedback, successes, and struggles. You have hired a capable staff, so soak in their valuable insights. Trust is ultimately the best foundation to any great workplace culture.


Encourage Employee Autonomy

Repeat after me: no one likes a micromanager. Give your staff the room to complete their projects their own way, as long as they are not exposing the firm to any liabilities. When executed properly, your employee will go from being held accountable for their work, to embracing accountability as their work is truly their own.



Keep your eye on what’s working for other businesses, and be able to adjust accordingly. Many companies are doing away with the traditional 40 hour work week – does this work with your staff? Be adaptable and give it a try. Be open to re-strategizing your game plan. Culture building takes a lot of work and some components will always be subject to change.


Taking the time to build an excellent workplace culture will be rewarding. A great culture will attract top tier employees to you, improve performance, lower turnover, and ultimately lower your costs.


I’d love to hear your most successful strategies for building your company culture!


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