Avoid Cyberattacks and Data Breaches

In recent years, cyberattacks have become widespread. When a company faces a dreaded data breach, the losses can be staggering with costly liability and a ravaged reputation. In a 2017 study, IBM found that a data breach can cost an average of $7.35 million. Find out how you can partner with HR to help ensure effective policies and protocol are in place.

Here are 4 ways to minimize or prevent data breaches:

1: Initial Hiring Process

Take necessary precautions when hiring candidates, especially those who will have access to sensitive information. Thoroughly vetting all job candidates to ensure they are properly qualified and trained will help keep your company and employee information safe.

2: Employee Awareness

Outside hackers are definitely a threat, but your inside employees could be your biggest risk. While some instances of data breach occur with malicious intent, the vast majority if inside data breaches occur due to preventable employee error. Employees may innocently click on an emailed link that leads to malware. Employees should be trained on how to identify scams or threats that may lead to malware or a dreaded data breach.

3: Security Awareness and Encryption

Providing security awareness training for inside employees can be a huge benefit to the overall culture of a company. Properly trained employees can help minimize mistakes that lead to a breach. Enforcing an encryption policy as part of security awareness training can also help reduce the likeliness of a data breach, especially on company provided electronics.

4: Company Provided Electronics

If your company provides employees with electronics such as laptops or cell phones, ensure they are used for work purposes only. Have a clear and concise protocol for using these devices. For example, prohibiting the use of social media or restricting web browsing can help keep information safe from hackers or scams.


HR and management have the potential to drastically reduce risks by supporting security initiatives. Adhering to a companywide policy, improving employee awareness, and administrating training are just the first steps to keeping your data, employees, and clients safe. Maintaining security awareness is crucial to keeping sensitive information intact.