Email Sign-off Etiquette

What does your email say about you?


When we write emails to our colleagues, we tend to strictly focus on the content.  Most of us have automatic signatures that populate at the foot of our email, unless we are working outside of the office. What many of us don’t realize is that our signature and the way we end an email is the perfect opportunity to stand out and make an impression.


Make sure that you reserve casual salutations for friends and family. Just because you are in a professional setting, doesn’t mean your signature has to be boring either. These are my top tips for a polished email signature and professional sign-off!


Email Sign-off is a direct reflection of you:
As most of you know, sign-off s like “Love Always” and “Warm Wishes” should be reserved for close family and friends. You can always default to the professional terms “Sincerely” and “Regards” although they can sometimes feel overused or a little too formal. Try something in the middle of the spectrum like the new favorite “Cheers,” it’s fresh, modern, and still work appropriate.  Before my sign off, I like to close with a summation or actionable sentence to personalize the email.


All the Best
Best Regards
Have a great day
I look forward to hearing from you
Thank you
Yours Truly
Your name

For more email sign-off ideas check out these detailed lists from Forbes and PR Daily.


What your email signature is saying about you:
A proper professional email signature is composed of three things; your first and last name, title, company, and phone number and/or fax. Adding your company logo or professional portrait is a great way to add pop of color and polished look to your signature. Including your office address is optional if you find it too lengthy. Definitely include icons with direct links to your website, LinkedIn, and other social media pages to let people easily connect with you.
PRO TIP: Be sure to use cohesive, right-sized icons – check out this free download list for your favorites!


With the traditional workplace structure continuously shifting in favor of a remote/telecommuting style, I see the automated “Sent form my smartphone” signature often. While this can be beneficial when it accounts for a brief out of office reply, it could also be a burden if you don’t want anyone to know you are not actually in the office at your desk. Don’t’ forget, your smartphone signature can be customized to reflect your professional email signature!


While our opinions may differ on the details of signature styles and which are the best and worst sign-offs, I would recommend researching current trends and popular opinion. You can then make an educated decision on what would work best for your professional personality. We’d love to hear what sign-off you are using!


All the Best,





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