Retain Top Talent; Keep Your Employees Engaged!

The key to sustaining your company’s growth heavily relies on the engagement of your employees. In Gallup’s latest State of the American Workplace Report, only 33% of employees are engaged at work. Your company has successfully hired top talent candidates and in order to retain them you should aid in helping them feel appreciated, respected and worthwhile. What steps can you take to put an action plan into place to keep employees engaged and retain your top talent?

Read further for tips on employee engagement and retention:


1: Recognize Hard Work and Progress

Our recent PC Pointer on Employee Deal Breakers, mentions the fundamental need of employees to feel equally valued and respected in the workplace. Setting specific goals and providing clear communication with employees on their progress and success are crucial aspects to effective recognition programs. Establishing a rewarding environment that is best for your employees and company can help spark satisfaction in an employee’s mindset and keep them on your team.


2: Cast Some Fun Into your Workplace!

A work-life balance is crucial to employee satisfaction and in turn helps lower stresses in the work environment. Give your employees the opportunity to have fun by scheduling a team lunch or company-wide barbecue, set up ongoing volunteer opportunities, or plan a specific team building event. Breaking up monotony can allow employees to relax and inspire their creativity.


3: Provide Opportunity for Wellness

These days, employees are always connected and working more than ever so make sure your team members aren’t over extended. It is important for your employees to know that their health and well-being is valued. Unhealthy employees tend to be disengaged employees; providing nutritional snacks in the break room or offering gym memberships are just a couple of ideas to help promote wellness. Check out our more detailed tips on implementing workplace wellness programs here.


Strive to create a balanced environment between a fun, lighthearted atmosphere and a work and reward program. All work and no play leads to employee burn out very quickly, so give your team the goals, valued recognition, and access to wellness programs they need. Following these tips just might help keep you and your staff in the top 33% of engaged employees!