June is Employee Wellness Month

June is National Employee Wellness Month. Your Employee’s physical and mental wellbeing directly correlates to their engagement and performance. When your employees feel welcome and a part of their teams, their overall happiness and positivity in the workplace rises. This satisfaction coupled with open communication with management will drive the success of your company. How can managers best assist employee engagement with rewarding performance reviews?

Read further for tips on implementing a strong performance management strategy:

1: Communicate your company’s mission and expectations of employees.

Company mission statements are rarely brought up in every day conversation. It is the job of management to help employees understand the impact of their work and how it directly relates to the company’s success. Provide clear company goals and growth projections to employees and help them understand how their role directly contributes to them. Communicating clear expectations of employee’s specific job duties, deadlines and growth expectations will give employees the best chance to perform.

2: Providing Feedback: good and bad.

According to a study by Interact, 37% of managers felt very uncomfortable delivering direct feedback and/or criticism. In addition, Leadership IQ found that 57% of employees felt their manager’s feedback had little to no help on improving their performance. Employees want direct feedback in order to perform their jobs and meet expectations. Training managers to provide constructive criticism can help employees thrive. Giving honest and solution based feedback to employees is the best way to keep everyone on track.

3: Keeping employees motivated.

Showing your employees respect is vital in creating a successful work environment. Communicate with employees and be open about goals and daily tasks. Taking interest in employees concerns, happiness and overall wellbeing in the workplace is a key factor in your company’s success. Recognize and reward employees for their hard work. You can offer a PTO day, a free lunch or company party when individuals or teams complete projects or meet goals. When employees feel valued they are more motivated, engaged, and productive.

Strong employees and company success comes directly from great management. Linking company strategy to company culture helps employees understand how and why their work needs to be completed. Continually updating your management style, performance review process and employee engagement strategies to keep up with ever changing workplace demands is the best way to ensure prosperity. Implementing these tips will help your company develop a strong performance management strategy that will retain your top talent.