Essential Skills Every Manager Should Know!

Can you guess which four skills every manager should have?



With a more diverse, cross-industry workforce these days; it is helpful to lend some clarity to the core competencies of a successful manager. Throughout my years of management coaching, I have learned that there are certain skills imperative to successful management which span across all industries and skill levels. There are the major skills, such as leadership and communication, and there are secondary skills that may be overlooked; but are just as important in making the difference for all managers.


Here are 4 essential management skills:


  1. Finance 101 –

Have you ever been in a meeting with executives and felt totally lost when it comes to complex Excel spreadsheets projecting financial goals or risk management?
You are not alone. One of the biggest struggles among managers is basic knowledge of business finances. The good news is, there are great resources available to give you a basic understanding of key financial concepts. What can you do tonight to get yourself in the know?

To Do:

  • Read Harvard’s article “4 Financial Concepts Every Manager Should Know”
  • Take an Excel refresher course to master pivot tables and other impressive skills.


  1. Project Management –

We are all project managers to some extent in our daily lives. In business, it is highly recommended to take a page out of the project management playbook and learn the principals; such as how to create a scope of work and how to gauge employee availability. This will help to better manage your and your team’s workload.

To Do:


  1. Presentation Skills –

One of the most efficient ways to get a project approved and running is through a presentation. Webinars, video meetings, and digital presentations are the norm so it is important to have the ability and know-how to compile and present your ideas. The first step is making sure your presentation deck is professional, informative and concise. Then practice rehearsing your presentation to work out any kinks beforehand and to gain confidence in your work.

To Do:


  1. Flexibility with Communication –

Some people prefer to only communicate via email or text, while others prefer to pick up the phone and call. I used to be firmly planted in the email camp, but as the methods of communication have expanded, so has my comfort level with the way I send and receive correspondence. At this point, I don’t have a preference if someone calls, texts, direct messages, emails, video chats, or meets me in person. What matters is that communication is getting across clearly and efficiently.

To Do:

  • Try a new form of communication such as WhatsApp, or the current business favorite messaging app Slack.


There are many more skills that could have made it on this list, but I think the ones listed above are a great starting point. I would like to hear what skills you find essential as a manager so please feel free to email me back, I would love to follow up with a part two to this topic!



I have the pleasure of working with very talented and highly skilled individuals. Each week I will be featuring a great candidate that is ready to start a new chapter in their career.

Meet our Customer Service Administrator:

Our seasoned Customer Service Administrator has several years of experience across multiple industries. She has demonstrated proven abilities in providing excellent service, open communication, and strong problem solving skills clients rave about.

Everyone talks about multitasking, but when you have five C-level managers all needing something at the same time, staying calm and getting the work done is a fine juggling act that she does with accuracy and ease.


  • Communicate with customers and insurance providers to solve problems and discrepancies.
  •  Maintain up-to-date lines of communication with all manner of service providers and clients
  • Assist clients with inquiries regarding company program information; solutions, policies & procedures, billing & collections, benefits & eligibility requirements, and reimbursements.
  • Document all call data through detailed, clear & concise logs and reports.
  • Maintain database for recording, managing, and monitoring client cases.
  • Compile and report call and customer data for analysis.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity and professionalism; maintain a high level of confidentiality.
  • Train teammates on updated instructions, policies, procedures, and program alerts.


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