How to Find Happiness at Work

We spend the majority of our day at work, so it is important to love what we’re doing and enjoy our time in the office. When you’re happy at work, you are more productive and engaged. Finding happiness at work is an easy choice to make that begins with you! Your attitude and how you choose to experience your time at the office directly impacts your day. What can you do to find happiness at work?

Keep reading for 4 tips to help you find happiness at work:

1: It’s All About Attitude

Choosing happiness is about your attitude. You may find yourself in dismay thinking about how you can choose happiness. First off, shift your perspective to positive thoughts and what you are grateful for about your job. List your job benefits and how the positive things you get out of it directly impact your life. Visit this list each morning while brushing your teeth; go over all of the things you have to look forward to each day that will make it easier to approach your workday with a positive and open mind.

2: Make Connections

Put in the time to get to know your coworkers and develop connections. Be sure to steer clear of gossip and avoid negative people. You have the choice to put in the effort to have a positive experience at work. People are perceptive of your actions and attitude. If you’re withdrawn and negative, people will notice. Try to be kind, share a smile, and show interest in your co-workers by engaging in conversations, asking questions, and letting them get to know you!

3: Find Something You Love & Do It. Every. Single. Day.

Make sure you find something outside of work that you are passionate about. Whether it’s reading, writing, yoga, volunteering, or fitness; our hobbies and interests are a part of what defines us and brings us joy. Define your skills and interests by participating in activities during your free time that bring you joy and happiness. If you get to do something you love every single day, your overall happiness, wellbeing, and outlook will benefit.

4: Take Charge of Your Career Development

Be proactive in your personal development. Take the helm and be the captain of your own ship. Ask for constructive feedback from your manager outside of your annual reviews. Seek out ways to keep learning at work to explore and sharpen your skillset.  As you begin to grow, you can share your accomplishments with your boss and ask for opportunities to take on more or different responsibilities in your role to further your career path.

As it turns out, happiness can be YOUR choice! Try out these tips and tricks and see if you can build more positivity throughout your work day. If you feel you’ve tried everything to work on having a happy attitude while at work to no avail, it may be time to visit the drawing board and re-evaluate your career goals. If you’re feeling unfulfilled after taking steps to better yourself and your work environment, reach out to me for a free 15 minute career coaching session! This introductory phone call may be the boost you need to get into the right attitude!