How to Retain Your Dedicated Employees

3 Ways to Retain Dedicated Employees


Maintaining an engaged and enthusiastic team is hard work. The bad news is, 2 out of 3 employees become less dedicated over time. The great news is, 1 out of 3 employees will stay and dedicate themselves to their careers. What can you do to promote their growth opportunities?


Read on for 3 tips to retain your dedicated employees:


1: Promote From Within

When your employees see there is room to advance in the company, they will be more driven. Seek out the skills and talents of different workers in your team and find ways to help develop their strengths for future use. Having an office environment of team members who have been promoted will be motivating to new and more tenured employees alike.


2: Relevant Training

 When you have a top tier team member, invest in training that will help them advance as your company grows. For example, if your receptionist has a knack for sales, you can offer to train them to become a part of the sales team instead of keeping them at the front desk. Training this employee in an area they excel at will leave them more motivated and ultimately dedicated to the company.


3: Recognize the Good

It’s important for your team to feel that their efforts and skills are being recognized. When an employee is doing a great job, tell them! Reward your employees verbally, with gift cards, lunch, or PTO. There are many great ways to show praise for a job well done. The recognition will solidify their hard work and perpetuate their desire to go above and beyond.


When you have a dedicated, top performing employee, do what you can to keep them! As a manager, it is imperative to forge a productive working relationship with employees by building trust and maintaining transparency, providing guidance and open feedback, and using our tips. Invest in them on a personal level and you will surely keep them engaged, happy and in for the long haul.



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