How to Start Making Changes


Make change happen in your life now!


The upcoming November election has caused me to think about all the different changes that will happen within the next couple of months. The biggest change will be electing a new president, we will also experience a shift in seasons, the potential increase in interest rates, and new laws coming into effect in the New Year.

With this much upcoming change, it is important to take the time and reflect on your life to see what changes you would like to make. Too often do you hear someone say “I wish I could change this!” I especially hear this when on the topic of work. Instead of sitting around and wishing you could change something, here are a few of my most trusted tips on how to actually implement change in your life:


Change starts with you
Many people are scared to implement change because of the potential repercussions of rocking the boat. This is often true in the workplace, where you might have an excellent idea but are afraid it could be poorly received and not make a lasting impact.

If you are feeling uncertain about making a difference in a work environment, first, try and make the change just within yourself. If you experience positive results, then it could help to give you the confidence needed to present the idea to a manager, team or HR department. A great quote by Gandhi is “Be the change you want to see in the world.” If you can start changing, those around you may be inspired by your success and change themselves.

Change doesn’t have to be drastic to be profound|
It is easy to get caught up in this idea of making significant changes to achieve big results. In actuality, the culmination of many small changes can have the same effect as one large change. Start by asking yourself how you can implement this decision. Then take the big item you want to be changed and break it up into smaller, more tangible items that are more readily achievable. Not only can this help you reach your goal faster, you will have a sense of accomplishment.

Change lasts when you have support
When trying to make a lasting change, it is essential to get the support of others to help you achieve your goal. In the workplace, getting a manager’s endorsement can mean a clear path to success. Having an accountability buddy can help keep you on track with what you have set out to change. In both situations, when you voice the change you are trying to make out loud, it creates a more profound effect on your success by holding you accountable to the change you are seeking to achieve.


Whether creating change in the workplace, in your child’s PTA meetings, or within yourself, the most important step is to get started today. Stop putting off your dreams with if’s, and’s, or but’s, and get started on making those positive changes now.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”– Maya Angelou



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