How to Survive Without Your Mobile Devices

In today’s world it is hard to imagine not having luxuries like smart phones and tablets. We use these devices on a daily basis for our work our personal life and for fun. However it is becoming an increasingly huge concern that many of us do not know when to put down the touch screen and focus on what is happening in the world around us.
With the 4th of July right around the corner maybe it is time we take a short vacation from the daily emails click-bait articles and status updates that cloud our mental news feed. If you are the kind of person who can’t be without their phone for an extended amount of time then this may be the article for you.

Leave the Phone at Home
Believe it or not your phone does not need to come with you on your morning dog walk. If you’re stepping out of the office or home for less than an hour and aren’t expecting any important calls then why do you need to bring your technology with you?
Designate a time during your day to not have any mobile distractions. It not only clears your mind but allows you to focus more on the task at hand.

No Electronics Allowed
Designate an area of your home or office to be a gadget-free zone. That means no phones no laptops and no tablets. This area can be something as small as your living room couch or quite possibly your entire kitchen.

Make Your Phone a Phone Again
One thing to note about the average smart phone is that it is much more than a phone. With all of the constant buzzes and alerts you get from various apps you may have it can sometimes be difficult to concentrate. Try turning off notifications and alerts so that the only sounds coming from your device are phone calls and text messages.

Unplug and Tune In
If you find yourself to be the type of person who is always anxious about what is happening on their mobile device then maybe it’s time to turn it off. You do not need to be looking at your screen every fifteen minutes when you are at the movies or out to lunch with some friends. Simply turn off the device during these times and remember to turn it back on when you are done.