Improving Your Company’s Culture

We are sure you have heard it time and time again. Company culture also known as corporate culture plays a big role in how your employees view your business. It is also vital to maintaining employee morale. Presently many people who are out seeking jobs want to make sure that a company is a good choice for them by seeing if a business’s morals and values align with their own. But what exactly defines company culture?

Entrepreneur tells us that company culture is defined by “a blend of values beliefs taboos symbols rituals and myths that all companies develop over time”.  While it might be hard to clearly write out your own company’s culture there is always opportunity to improve upon it to make your current and potential employees feel that working for your business is the right choice for them.

To help you get started we have compiled a few tips that are sure to get the ball rolling.

Ditch the Assigned Seating
While a typical office might consist of cubicles and assigned workstations consider letting employees move about freely within the building and set up their work space where they want. This allows them to get to know each other a lot more spark some interesting conversation get ideas flowing and potentially lead to solutions for ongoing issues.

Communication is Key
Don’t hesitate to include ALL of your employees when it comes to the direction you wish to take your company. It is sometimes easy to forget that these people are the driving force behind many of your accomplishments and their feedback should be considered just as important. Allowing them to voice what they feel is working and what is not promotes ownership when it comes to the results of changes that they asked for.

Fun Fun Fun
One of the easiest ways to foster a more unified company culture is by simply having fun. Encouraging your employees to engage in work related activities such as company parties outings group exercise events and in-office competitions gives way to healthy workplace relationships. You can even make these events work to other advantages.  Southwest Airlines for example held a party for its employees and their friends at a small city airport where they were having hard time filling positions. They leveraged this to their advantage by simultaneously using this gathering as a hiring event and were able to fill many of the open positions with the friends of those who they currently employed at a much lower cost than usual.