5 Essential Job Search Hacks

Job hunting can be time consuming, stressful and competitive. Searching for the right opportunity can even feel like a full-time job. Luckily, there are plenty of tools and hacks to help you land your dream job more quickly and easily. Time to throw out your old job searching habits and try out these new tools and job searching hacks!

Read further for 5 tricks to help you get closer to landing your next job:


1: Treat your LinkedIn headline like prime real estate

Your headline is one of the first things that recruiters and hiring managers see on your LinkedIn profile. When choosing your headline, be creative to make yourself stand out. Use this this brief tagline to let others know you’re open to a new opportunity and to tell them what you’re looking for. Instead of just saying “Seeking new opportunities,” try “HR Manager Available for a New Challenge in the Banking Industry!”

2: Mold yourself to the job you want

Even if you are applying for a job title you’ve never had, you can still mold yourself to that job by highlighting the skills and essential qualifications you do have for the position. Use your cover letter to express your readiness and ability to take on a higher level of responsibility. Never pass up the potential opportunity to move up in your career!

3: Utilize your social media tools

Twitter is an untapped data base for job postings. Create a twitter job search list that includes job search websites, recruiters and company hiring handles. Try using tools such as JibberJobber to keep track of all your job search information. You can also put a personalized LinkedIn URL on your resume so recruiters can go straight to your profile to learn more about you. To set up your personalized URL, log onto LinkedIn, click “edit profile” and then choose to edit your current LinkedIn URL. Use key words such as your name and industry if work.

4: Have a salary target in mind

Discussing compensation can be uncomfortable for jobseekers, but it is a necessity that should be decided before you even start interviewing. Do your research! Look up job titles and descriptions in your area on sites like salary.com, glassdoor, or indeed. You can even create a calculated salary range estimate based on your specific skills and experience. This will help you align your desired salary range with the actual salaries available in the current market.

5: Sign up for open job alerts

Use the plethora of resume and job posting boards to sign up for their open job alerts. You can tailor notifications specifically to what kind of job you’re looking for! You can also sign up with recruiting agencies to received weekly updates on open jobs in your desired field. 


While searching for the right opportunity might feel like a full-time job, you can rest assured that some of these tools and hacks will make job hunting easier and faster. Take these simple and free opportunities to put yourself in the best position possible and you will be well on your way to your dream job! Feel free to check out PC Placements’ weekly listing of open jobs here.