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Job Number 000042P0
Job Title Fixed Asset & Bond Portfolio Manager
Location Fairfield, CA
Description Title: Fixed Asset & Bond Portfolio Manager
Salary: $100-125K
Location: Bay Area

This position is responsible for managing the Bank bond portfolio; including development of investment strategy with senior management, purchasing bonds, and monitoring portfolio performance. You will provide investment portfolio management services to the Bank Trust Department. Qualified applicants should have a Bachelors degree and at least a five years of experience managing bond portfolios within the Banking or Financial industries.

-Reviews and interprets governmental monetary and fiscal policies, economic conditions, and bond market conditions and applies such knowledge in developing bond portfolio management recommendations for senior management (CFO & CEO) and in managing the Bank bond portfolio.
-Buys bonds for the Bank investment portfolio in accordance with senior management approved strategies and tactics.
-Performs pre-purchase due diligence prior to bond purchase.
-Achieves Community Reinvestment Act goals for investments.
-Monitors the performance of the Bank bond portfolio in regard to yield, duration, liquidity, credit quality, value and other attributes.
-Performs quarterly stress tests of the bond portfolio value.
-Maintains working relationships with securities dealers and brokers.
-Provides investment portfolio management services to the Trust Department. Upon request, reviews trust accounts which hold individual equities and/or bonds and makes portfolio management recommendations.
-Provides investment related materials for, attends, and participates in monthly Trust Investment Committee meetings.
-Regularly updates the bond portfolio policies and procedures.
-Manages the Fixed Assets.
-Performs other job-related duties as required.

Desired Skills & Requirements:
-Bachelors degree in Finance, Economics, or similar school.
-MA or MBA is highly desirable.
-Proficient in current bond portfolio management strategies and tactics, as well as attributes of various bond structures.
-Proficient with Bloomberg, Excel, Morningstar and other IT applications related to profession.
-Excellent verbal communication skills.
-Team oriented.

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Last Update: May 1, 2019