How to Keep Learning Without Going Back to School

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk wondering how you could better yourself in your career and as a person? You’ve gone through training at work and you tend to devour new ideas and concepts, but you’re still craving more! Learning current and emerging skills will help progress you at work as well as in life. Fortunately, with our growing digital world, there is a plethora of resources for you to dive into and expand your knowledge in your downtime.

Read further for tips on how to keep learning in your downtime:

1: Make reading a key ingredient of your growth.

Visit your local library or put that Amazon Prime account to good use to collect books on topics you’d like to expand your knowledge in. Or, dive into the internet world and search for various free blogs and articles to add to your reading list. Spend some time before bed or utilize your lunch breaks at work to knock topics off your list.

2: Podcasts and informational videos are your best friend.

Many people listen to podcasts for enjoyment, but did you know that there are many out there that are informational and could help sharpen your skills or teach you new ones? Podcasts are an easy way to get a little extra learning in. Grab some headphones and listen during your commute or even while you’re working out. If you prefer to watch while you learn, join the millions of people watching Ted Talks and YouTube tutorials! 

3: Use online support groups.

There is an abundance of online forums and social media groups on almost any topic imaginable. A great way to learn is to communicate with others on information and topics you both find fascinating. Meetup and Facebook are great areas to start conversations with others. You can ask questions, offer advice, or even find local networking events to attend.

4: Mentors and coaches can make the world go round.

When you feel you need to step up your game, you can always seek out a mentor or coach. You should never underestimate the impact a mentor or coach can have on your career and your ability to grow as a professional. Find a coach who is an expert in your industry or in the areas where you want more knowledge. Whether it is someone within your company or someone from an external source, getting together with a mentor can fast track you for growth and even a promotion.

With our growing digital world, further developing your skills and broadening your knowledge has never been easier. Not only will you grow as a professional, but your overall well-being and mental health will benefit. Having an array of skill sets can give you the confidence and inspiration to think outside the box, tackle tough challenges, and enhance your performance. Better yet, management might even take notice in your next review!