Management: Do You Have the Right People for the Job?

There is a saying that goes “employees don’t leave companies they leave people’. Having a good management team is essential for any successful business. In fact one study done by Gallup showed that they account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores across business units. But if that is true then why is it that the same study found that the wrong candidates are being chosen by companies a whopping 82% of the time?

How can you ever be sure that you are choosing the right person for the job?

A great manager must be able to motivate their employees to be proactive and take initiative. They must also be able to fuel the motivation they are trying to run. This can be done by something as simple as setting up short term goals or weekly projects for someone or by working together and developing a long-term plan towards their next step in the company. If employees have things to work towards they are more likely to stay engaged and productive.

They know how their employees operate
Successful managers take the time to recognize not just employees’ weaknesses but also their strengths and what kinds of triggers put those strengths into motion. They know that targeting strengths and utilizing them efficiently is more effective than building up someone’s weaknesses. In an ideal world we would all like our employees to be more efficient at everything but reality works differently. A great manager allows development for tasks a person is already good at so that they may be great at it.

They choose productivity over politics
A great manager realizes that office politics has no business being in the work place and their decisions reflect that. They are wise enough to know that promoting someone based on how favorable they are amongst the team doesn’t always guarantee that a candidate is right for the job. Office politics gives way to significant decreases in employee moral and engagement. If an employee who works hard and frequently delivers and feels unappreciated what reason do they then have to continue giving their best?