Managing Employees During Summer

Today marks the first day of summer! As we welcome the warm air and bright sunshine you may find your employees becoming distracted with thoughts of beach days, BBQs and summer vacations. It has been found that productivity in the workplace drops 20%, causing projects to take an average of 13% longer to complete this time of year. Don’t let your employees fall into summer slumps! How can you effectively manage your employees to maintain productivity and engagement during the summer months?

Read further for tips on successfully managing employees during the summer months:

1: Spice up Office Life and Introduce Perks

Consider incorporating summer-themed activities in your office such as an ice cream sundae bar on Fridays or take your team on a relaxed off-site outing for the day. Hold a friends and family open house where employees can bring their families into the workplace for a potluck lunch. Consider offering perks such an extra PTO day over holiday weekends or giving employees the option to work from home for a day so they can maintain a healthy work-life balance and stay motivated.

2: Employee Vacation Requests

Expect the number of employees taking time off to increase during summer months. It is not always easy to accommodate everyone’s vacation requests. Be sure that all employees know what your vacation policies are and have employees submit their time off requests in advance to make sure there aren’t too many employees out at the same time.

3: Hire a Contractor or Temporary Employee

If you have employees that are taking time off but their attendance is crucial to every day work flow, consider hiring a contract or temporary employee to fill their shoes while they are gone. Hiring a short term temporary employee or even a summer intern can provide relief to employees as well as office support and assistance.

4: Summer Work Attire

While the temperature heats up, dress codes tend to be more open to interpretation. Be sure to specify to your employees your dress codes. Whether it be business casual or formal, spell out work appropriate types of clothing down to your shoes. Be sure to apply the dress code policy consistently to all employees. Consider offering a free dress day on certain Fridays or a “Hawaiian Shirt Day” to incorporate a fun summer atmosphere into your office.

Don’t let your employees fall into summer slumps. You can embrace that fun summer feeling with small weekly perks. Work with employee time off requests as best as you can to maintain work-life balance. Summer months may be a challenge for employees but using these tips can help everyone enjoy their time in and out of the office!