Cell Phones at Work: How You Can Minimize the Addiction

Technological advancements in recent years have had vastly positive impacts in the workplace. However, they can also be distracting and pull your employees away from day to day tasks. Global tech company Asurion conducted a study that found we check our cell phones an average of 80 times a day. That is every 12 minutes! With that being said, what can you do to help employees stay focused and limit their cell phone use during work hours?

Read further for tips on keeping cell phone use low and employee productivity high:

1: Reiterate Company Policies

If there is not one already in place, include a cell phone policy in your employee handbook. Traditionally, most companies do not allow personal cell phone use during company time; only in case of emergencies or while on break. Create a policy that makes the most sense for your workplace. If your employees use cell phones for work check out this example policy which also covers reimbursements.

2: Remind Employees to Take Breaks

When an employee loses focus or feels distracted they turn to their cell phone. Always remind your team to take their allotted breaks to recharge. In an eye-opening CareerBuilder survey, 52 percent of the employees said that if their employers encouraged them to take breaks, they would be less inclined to feel burnt out at work. Encourage employees to get up and walk around, or engage with teammates while on break. Do your best to provide a safe and comfortable the breakroom. Including healthy snacks and small activity books like Sudoku or an adult coloring book can help your staff to better focus on their work and not feel the need to be distracted by their cell phones.

3: Acknowledge Hard Work & Provide Feedback

Employees may turn to their phones because they are unsure what to do next. Keep your employees on track by implementing goals and providing direction on projects. In a Society for Human Resources Management study, it has been found that 48 percent of workers state recognition form management contributed directly to employee job satisfaction. Providing positive feedback will help them feel appreciated and motivated to stay on track.

Cell phones are a big part of our lives and while they are helpful tools, they are also cause for distractions in the workplace. Implementing these simple tips can help your employees curb their cell usage and adhere to a more productive work environment.