Multigenerational Workplace: Creating Cohesiveness

From traditionalists to millennials, there is a wide variety of age groups coinciding in the workplace. These generations, which are roughly 50 years apart, share the same workplace and collaborate as team members to keep your company running. Because of the vast age differences, there may be challenges in how multigenerational workers coexist. How can you avoid challenges and manage a cohesive team of multigenerational workers?

Read further on tips for managing a multigenerational workplace:

1: Avoid Stereotypes

First and foremost it is important to ditch any generation stereotypes as these create huge barriers. Break them down by treating all employees equally and discouraging any bad or disrespectful behavior or communication between staff. Encourage everyone to really get to know another and each other’s learning and teaching styles through team building exercises.

2: Communication Styles

As manager, you have to be flexible when it comes to training and development. You know that the “one-size fits all” approach can definitely fall short. Generating and providing comprehensive communication and training platforms can support cohesive collaboration among team members. Make sure staff meetings are respectful environments in which all team members are encouraged to share without fear of being criticized or underestimated.

3: Company Culture

Multiple generations might have different views and preferences when it comes to company culture. According to an article for AARP, younger managers feel that time spent in the office is not as vital as the end results produced, whereas older workers may feel ability to perform well directly correlates to time spent in the office at their desk. A good way for leaders to manage the variance is to allow individuals to work in a style that produces the best results while adhering to company policies. Acknowledge the efforts of each team member regardless of their work styles.

Learning the tools to manage a diverse team will improve your ability to lead them to success. While challenges may arise, following these tips can help create a balanced multigenerational team. Consider the workplace as a declaration of “us” by fostering an environment where team members can work well together toward the same goals.