Your Perfectionism Could Be Hurting Your Job Hunt!

Job hunting is nerve-racking, time-consuming, and there are a lot of elements that need to be crafted perfectly. We get it! You’ve been spending hours tailoring your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, and have gone over countless interview questions making sure you are well prepared.

You then start stressing over the details. Maybe even comparing yourself to other job seeker’s profiles and cover letter examples, changing your wording, then changing it back. Sound familiar? Well, your perfectionism is starting to kill your job hunting vibe, and it’s killing it fast!

Read further for reasons why perfectionism & job hunting don’t mix:

1: Don’t overthink it!

Yes, you want a polished, well-written resume along with the perfect cover letter to match. Here is where perfectionism can really get in the way. You begin to worry about who you make your cover letter out to, how to promote yourself to each different company, and if it’s too short or too long. Yes, these are things that should be on your checklist but not to be obsessed over. What really matters is the content of your skills and explanation of your cover letter. Directly address your talents, your passion, and the reason why you would make a great fit for the role. Obsessing over how you present every single detail will only get you behind. You don’t want to spend too much time preparing to apply to jobs than actually applying to them!

2: Don’t just apply to the jobs you’re “perfect” for.

Job descriptions are written for dream candidates, and in harsh reality, that candidate is likely nonexistent. It’s merely a wish list, good recruiters and managers try to find the best match that comes as close to their list as possible. If you are only applying for the jobs that you feel you are a 100% fit for, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.  If you can fulfill about 60-75% of the job description, go for it! Don’t be shy, get yourself out there and apply!

3: Everyone’s a critic.

Having your materials proofread is most definitely important. However, when you have the career coach, the mentor, partner, parent, AND five friends review your materials, you’ll be rewriting for days! A lot of your cover letter content is subjective to the reader and you will get varying opinions until your head spins. To avoid an endless editing process, narrow down your list of trusted reviewers to a maximum of 2-3 people.  Be sure to hit the basic checklist for accuracy, format, spelling, and grammar.  Use your valuable time uncovering more open jobs to send your stellar application to.

Having a perfectionist mentality is NOT a bad thing, but, you need to know when you’re crossing into the red zone of overthinking and over-editing yourself.  Don’t forget, you are good enough and a great job for you will come! Don’t waste time fussing over every little thing, so you can have more time networking and actually submitting yourself to open jobs. The last piece of advice we have to offer: stop second-guessing yourself, and for goodness sake hit submit and move on to the next one.