Promoting a More Relaxed Work Space

Deadlines lack of job security an unstable work/life balance. Do any of these ring a bell? Stress in the workplace has been an increasingly huge problem for businesses over the past few decades. Studies have shown that job related stress is a contributing factor in over 120 000 deaths a year and can actually costs companies more money than they might be aware of up to $190 billion annually. So what are some simple ways in which you can create a more Zen environment for your employees?

We’ve got a couple of tips to get your started.

Start with the basics:

Creating an environment where employees feel valued stay engaged in their work and are confident in the security of their job is a simple step in reducing stress. Jeffery Pfeffer a Stanford Professor of organizational behavior reminds us that we must keep the needs of our employees a top priority. He explains “…we have lost focus on human well-being. It’s all about costs now. Can we afford this can we afford that? Does it lead to better or worse financial performance for the company? We’re talking about human beings and the quality of their lives. To me that ought to get some attention.”


A Room to Breathe:

Where they’ve been on the phones all day or stuck in meeting after meeting employees sometimes need little time to collect their thoughts. But with the hustle and bustle of the modern work place it’s hard to focus on and find a moment to yourself. Designating an area of the office or building as the “quiet zone” might just be the key to allowing your workers clear their minds and gear up for the remainder of the day.


Promote Healthy Work Relationships:

On the opposite end of the spectrum giving employees time or an area where they can communicate and form workplace relationships is also a significant stress reducer. This gives way to more cohesiveness better discussion during group meetings and can create an organic platform in which coworkers can share ideas and tips for the job. In addition having positive relationships at work is also a great way to increase productivity teamwork and maintain high levels of employee retention.


What are some ways in which you battle stress in the workplace?