Removing the Stigma Associated with Human Resources

When is the last time you heard the term human resources and didn’t feel a sense of nervousness or anxiety?

For many years now HR has been getting an increasingly bad reputation for not being so in tune with the needs of employees. When people think of this department their mind more often than not tends to side with the negatives associated with it: getting written up or put on probation or not getting the promotion they’ve been working for. The reality of it is that if your HR team is doing their job right these are the type of challenges they are going to be dealing with.

That being said it doesn’t mean they always have to be the bad guy. We often forget that the whole point of having a human resources department is to drive a company’s results by utilizing their most valuable component: their people.

So what are some ways in which you can improve the perception of your HR Department?

Be Sincere
Make it a point to keep in touch with employees at all times not just when they are having issues. Request feedback ask how their day is going and respond to their questions whenever feasible. Showing genuine interest in their well-being and concerns on a daily basis lets them know that you are a resource and not an enemy.

Be a Mentor
Approach employees about positive actions and results as well as areas for improvement. Let them know when they are doing a great job with timely feedback and make sure you are there to coach them through situations where you know they have some opportunity to be better. Your involvement in their development helps to pave a clear path to where they want to be in the company.

Show Some Flexibility
Think of ways in which you can create less stress for your employees by implementing programs that give them flexibility. This can be something like in-office child care telecommuting and employee benefits programs. Providing options empowers them to make the choices that are right for themselves instead of feeling limited to what is handed to them.