Respect & Gratitude in the Workplace

March 4 was National Employee Appreciation Day! Did you thank your employees this week? Gratitude and appreciation can be powerful motivators, especially in the workplace. Displaying this in the office is an effective way to boost morale and reinforce a culture of respect and appreciation. However, many leaders hesitate to show their appreciation. How can you create a culture of appreciation in your workplace?

Read further for information about respect and gratitude in the workplace:

1: Benefits of workplace gratitude.

Gratitude can improve over-all well-being and help build mental strength. Expressing gratitude can help on an individual and organizational level. Studies show that grateful people can be more resilient allowing them to be able to manage stress more successfully and have fewer toxic emotions such as envy or resentment. To read more scientific facts on the powerful impact of practicing gratitude click here.

2: Ways to say “thank you.”
When saying thank you to employees it is important for your gratitude to be authentic and meaningful. Celebrations and gestures of appreciation like coffee on the boss or a team luncheon are great ways to show your appreciation. Be sure to thank individual employees separately for meeting their goals, completing projects, and continuing to put in hard work. Another way you can express appreciation to your team is by giving an extra PTO day when possible.

3: Authentic Apologies.

When a situation arrives where an apology is needed, saying “I’m sorry” is just as important as showing appreciation and gratitude towards fellow colleagues and employees. A sincere apology can defuse tension and show respect amongst co-workers. If an apology is perceived as empty it will fall flat and can fuel the disagreement. Here are a few ways you can coach your employees on communicating a respectful and sincere apology.

Top research shows that acknowledging your employee’s hard work and good behavior is an important aspect of your retention strategy. A simple thank you or I’m sorry can go a long way to improving and maintaining your company’s culture. Having a happy and healthy workplace can build employee confidence and performance.