Stuck In The Middle?

3 Tips to Navigate Toxic Employees


The old saying “People are hired for their talents and dismissed for their behavior” still rings true. Toxic employees and their behavior can disrupt the daily life of their coworkers, thwarting productivity. How do you navigate a toxic employee amidst the complaints of displeased co-workers?


Read on for 3 tips to manage a toxic worker:


1: Avoid Hiring Toxic Workers

 We cannot accurately predict people’s behavior 100% of the time, but there are action items you can do to get a strong read on a potential new hire. Set up a group interview with the candidate in question and your team, so you can uncover any hidden toxic behaviors during their interaction. Hopefully the prospect exudes a team player mentality and demonstrates their ability to perform well.


2: Document, Document, Document

 So you’ve found yourself with a toxic team member, jump into action! Have an HR representative or manager meet personally with the employee to discuss the negative behavior and how it is directly affecting their team. Be proactive and document every bad behavior displayed by them that affects the workplace negatively. If you let the disruptive employee go from their position, you will have documentation to back up your decision.


3: Improve or Leave

 It’s important to do everything possible to make the situation work before you let someone go. Schedule time with the employee to recount any negative behavior. Come up with an action plan to correct behaviors or mistakes, such as a weekly check-in. If they are unable to stick with the improvement plan and progress, it may be time to part ways.


If all attempts to rectify and improve upon bad behavior and mistakes are ineffective, the only thing left to do is let the employee go before more damage is done. On the bright side, having documented clear communication about the efforts to improve the situation lays the foundation for a smooth termination process. At the end of the day, you want to foster a healthy and productive work environment for everyone in your office!



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