Summer Hiring is Here!

 3 Quick Tips to Summer Hiring


Most recruiters know that after the winter holiday season, the second busiest time for hiring is summer. Over 60% of recruiting professionals report the talent shortage as a major challenge for 2017, making it difficult to find quality temporary staff to cover summer vacation relief.


Read on for my 3 Quick Tips for Summer Hiring:


1: Have a Back-up

The best thing to do when you need a summer vacation covered is to work with a staffing firm. This way you will not have to take on the responsibility of payrolling a Temp, nor take on the unemployment claim at the end of the short-term assignment. I suggest interviewing several candidates so that you can have a back-up in case something unforeseen happens with your first choice. By doing so, you won’t have to start back at square one.


2: Avoid Vacation Freezes

It may be your first inclination to put a freeze on staff vacations during the summer months. In my experience this only causes a negative impact ranging from staff burnout to untimely resignations. Utilizing Temp services and allowing your staff to take time off fosters a positive work environment.


3: Set-up for Success

Most staffing firms offer two hours of complimentary Temp training. Take advantage of this by scheduling your staff member to work with the Temp that will be covering their duties. Have them review key aspects of the job and provide any training materials you may have. This will provide a seamless and successful transition.
I highly suggest getting Temporary candidates into your pipeline as soon as possible. Summer staffing can be unpredictable, so do everything in your power to keep your workflow under control.



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