Summer Work Attire

As the temperature rises in the on-going summer months, it is hard to not want to throw on a tank top shorts and sandals. Even if it’s 100 degrees outside, you should not dress like you are going to the beach at work. It is important to continue to maintain your professional appearance in the office. You can incorporate work appropriate summer wear into your wardrobe without overdoing it!

Read further for Do’s and Don’ts of summer work attire:

1: Don’t get too casual.

While it may be blistering hot outside, miniskirts and short shorts are rarely appropriate in the office. The same goes for tiny fitted tank tops and flip flops. Save them for your weekend trips and vacation days at the pool or beach! It’s still taboo to be so underdressed at work, so make sure you are dressing appropriately

2: Do add a “relaxed” look.

Look for lighter fabrics such as cotton or linen in either soft white or cream to pair with super bright colors. Instead of a long sleeve button down with a thicker blazer, try a light cotton T-shirt under a brightly colored light linen blazer. This maintains a professional appearance with out over heating.

3: Don’t underdress.

Underdressing means short dresses or skirts well above the knee, anything strapless, or spaghetti-strap dresses. Women can try either a bright or muted tone dress with some structure and soft pattern that hits just at or above the knee with straps at least half an inch thick. This will help you stay classy while staying cool in the summer heat.

4: Show a little skin without baring it all.

This goes for shoes as well as clothes! You can still wear fun summer styles like open toed shoes or shoes with bright colors. However, do not wear any classic flip flops or “barely there” sandals. Men can try a fabric shoe as opposed to a shiny leather dress shoe. Short sleeves shirts can still come across professional and classy, just make sure they are pressed! Don’t wear something low cut or cropped too short. Show some skin, but don’t bare it all!

Dressing for summer weather can be tricky, but being smart with your choices in your work wardrobe is easy! You can show more skin while maintaining a professional look. Have fun with your outfits and try something new but be sure to follow your office’s dress code and ask for advice if you need help on deciding what is appropriate or not.

Check out these summer work attire examples!