Survive The Office After Vacation

You just spent the last week or so away from the office; enjoying the holidays, celebrating with family and friends, or flying across time zones. But now you’re back in the office and expected to fall back into your normal work routine. Taking time away from work is a great refresher for your mind and body. However, it can also leave you with the post vacation blues. Some of us can feel drained after a vacation and can struggle to get back into the groove of things. How can you survive your first days back at work after an amazing vacation?

Read further for 5 tips on surviving your first week back at work:

1: Organize your To-Do list and stick to it.
The last thing you want is to set yourself up for failure and become overwhelmed during your first week back. Try not to stretch yourself too thin and set reasonable goals for your catch up list of To-Dos. Avoid scheduling yourself in too many meetings or setting unrealistic deadlines. Focus on your top priorities and don’t be afraid to ask for support if you need it!

2: Plan after work gatherings.
Meet up with friends for happy hour and appetizers, or go out with a few co-workers right after work. It will help make the day pass with a little more ease knowing you have fun plans after work to look forward to!

3: Take all of your breaks.
Putting your nose straight to the grindstone might end up backfiring. Just because you had time off to reenergize doesn’t mean you’ll magically turn into the energizer bunny. Take your daily mini 10-15 min breaks so you can finish the day fully focused. Make time through the day to stretch, step outside for a quick breath of fresh air, and get back into your healthy diet and exercise routine to keep yourself fresh and focused.

4: Play your favorite tunes.
Music can be the trick to creating an upbeat and positive work atmosphere and can even help you focus. Create a playlist of your favorite motivational songs to jam out to while you focus on getting caught up. Here are a few playlists to help brighten those back to work blues!

5: Eat your local comfort food.
Settle yourself back in by dinning at your favorite local restaurants. Better yet, ask a few co-workers to join you. This is a fun way to ease back into your routine and reconnect with your coworkers. You can also plan a light catered lunch for your team as a special welcome back treat. Nothing brings people together like food!

Getting back into the daily grind takes focus and patience. Give these tips a try and see if they can help ease you back into your daily routine. Try not to feel so blue at work by longing for your time off and how wonderful it felt. Use it as motivation until the next time because after all, you need to work in order to play!