What You Can Do If You’re Not A Good Culture Fit

Changing jobs is exciting and stressful. After accepting an offer and settling into a new routine, you may be one of the many people who struggle to adapt to a new company culture. You are familiar with your coworkers, understand the dynamics of the company and everyone’s responsibilities, and you can even navigate the supply room without getting lost! You seem to be getting the hang of things, however, something seems to be leaving you anxious. This is normal. After all, you will certainly face new challenges, learn new methods of doing things, and figure out how to best work with your coworkers in any new position. If, after a month or two, you’re worried that you may not be blending well with the company’s culture, you’re not alone!

Perhaps the reality of the culture is not aligned with what you had expected it to be. You may be feeling disappointed if you thrive in a collaborative environment but most of your colleagues want to work heads down with headphones in. Maybe you’re the introvert finding yourself overwhelmed in a bustling open floor plan office. Sometimes when faced with change we can feel defeated, but with a few tips and a little practice you can find your stride and adjust successfully. So, what can you do if you feel like you’re not fitting into the office culture at your new job?

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3 Bad Behaviors You Can’t Reprimand

Accommodating Bad Behavior, the fine line!


Grounds for disciplining employees used to be strictly black and white for many employers. However, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has taken an aggressive stance to limiting employers’ rights to discipline workers, leaving the definitions of punishable infractions in a grey area. Issuing a final warning for a first offense, or moving straight to termination is now a procedure of the past. Employers need to be more careful than ever to make sure their systems and policies are consistent with both the National Labor Relations Act and state law going forward.


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