Managers Need Time Off Too!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a manager or leader is to forget about yourself. While taking time off from work might seem difficult or down right impossible, managers absolutely need to and should take time off. Whether it’s a long weekend here and there or a full 1-2 week vacation, it’s in the best interest of your mental and physical health to schedule some time off!

Taking time away from work to recharge can help you become a better leader by improving your focus and drive. It’s important to plan ahead and prepare yourself and your staff for your time away, so how can you keep on top of your busy schedule while also taking time off for yourself?

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Management Burnout – Part 2: How to Reignite the Drive in Yourself and Managers

This is the second part of the two-part series on Manager Burnout. Here is Management Burnout – Part 1: The What and Why.



Ready to stop feeling over-tired, stressed, and completely burnt out?

Start feeling happier, inspired, and ready to lead in your career!


I previously discussed why managers burn out, the negative effects it can have on a business, and how to detect the warning signs. This week I am sharing my most trusted methods on how to stop yourself or your managers from reaching complete burnout.


Here are my top five tips for stopping burnout TODAY:


Management Burnout – Part 1: The What and Why

Are you BURNT OUT? Are your Managers?


I do a lot of talking about managers inspiring, communicating and evaluating their teams. It is easy to continuously talk about management techniques since a large part of being a successful manager is based on the performance of your team. Today I want to take a step back and instead of talking about how to manage others, talk about what it takes to stay on top of your own career, health, and happiness as a manager or executive.