The Importance of Open Feedback in Company Culture

When  was the last time you received open and honest feedback in the workplace ?

When we strive to make advancements in our careers we sometimes neglect this important and vital part of many people’s success. If we never stop to check in and see how we are doing we will never know how to improve or whether or not we should continue the good work we do on a daily basis. Many companies have what they call an “open-feedback” culture. They encourage employees not just to give feedback but to also go out and seek it as well.

How else does feedback play a vital role in your business?

It’s a Motivational Tool
When people think of feedback they often tend to associate it with the negative. But this isn’t always true. Positive feedback can be used as a way to motivate your employees to continue doing the great work that they are contributing to the team. It shows that they are appreciated and inspires them to come up with more ways in which they can be even better.

It’s Always There When You Need It
Don’t think that you have to wait for your annual review to learn what needs improvement and what it is you are doing right. You have the opportunity to solicit feedback whenever you want. And it doesn’t always have to be from your manager. In some cases it might be best to receive it from those who you are always working with. They can often provide solutions or praise for things your manager might not see. So don’t hesitate to ask.

It Creates Honest and Open Dialog
We’ve talked about the importance of transparency before and this is just another way of opening dialog. Businesses that encourage employees to seek out feedback are creating an honest and open forum for discussion without having to provide a formal platform. In the moment feedback is the best way to measure your performance. If you see some good work being done right in front of you acknowledge it. If you notice room for improvement don’t wait till the next day to inform someone. Chances are you’ll help prevent them from making the same mistake several times over before they realize they are doing it wrong.