The Latest Trend in Hiring, Boomerang Employees

Welcome Back, Boomerang Employees


Employers are now viewing former team members who left on good terms as a potential part of the organization’s future, rather than their past. These workers are called “boomerang” employees. A study conducted by the Workforce Institute at Kronos and revealed that 40% of employees would consider going back to a previous employer. Maintaining a good relationship with former high performing employees is now more important than ever. How can you set yourself up to successfully reinvest in boomerang employees?


Read on for 4 tips on boomerang employees:


1: Exit Interviews

 Always conduct an exit interview with departing employees. These interviews will provide you with invaluable intel and feedback while establishing the terms on which the employee leaves. Encourage honest feedback and acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions they have made to the company. The end goal here is to have the employee leave the company with a positive impression.


2: Stay Transparent

 Foster a transparent culture within your organization regarding employee departures. When an employee resigns, be consistently clear with your staff on why their team member has left the company without leaving room for ambiguity and keep your employees in the loop.


3: Keep in Touch

 Connect with past high performing employees 1-2 times a year to not only check in, but stay fresh in their mind. If you don’t have time to grab a coffee, I suggest an email exchange or message via LinkedIn. This employee will be more likely to reach out about an open position at your company or send their updated resume if they feel they have an internal connection invested in their success.


4: Re-Onboard

 Congratulations, they’re back! Time went on while the boomerang employee was gone, so be sure they fully go through the onboarding process again. There may be new policies, work flows and social nuances to update them on. Keeping them refreshed and up to date will help them hit the ground running!


Not every high performing employee who leaves your team should come back, but when it is a good fit all around, employers should definitely consider it. Making sure that excellent employees feel truly valued and welcome in the future will make the difference between them merely considering returning and taking action to do so. Use these tips to watch for opportunities to catch boomerang employees and not let skilled talent get away!