The New Generation Flooding the Job Market: Gen Z’ers

4 Tips to Recruit and Retain Generation Z


The one question my clients have been asking the most as of late is “What’s the difference between Millennials and Generation Z?” Just like that, the newness of Millennials is about to be replaced by Gen Z’ers storming the workplace when they graduate college this spring. To be clear, Generation Z consists of those born in the year 1995 to the early 2000’s. They currently make up 26% of the United States population and will make up one-third of the U.S. population by 2020. This is certainly worth paying attention to while preparing your business to adjust leadership styles, shift marketing targets while adapting new recruiting methods to stay up to speed. How should you prepare your business for the influx of a new generation?


Read on for 4 tips you can add to your tool box for Generation Z recruiting:


1: They’re Early Starters

 Gen Z’ers will be joining the job hunt at a much younger age than the typical Millennial. This newer generation is opting out of going into debt with student loans and is not pursuing a traditional college education. You can expect to begin interviewing 18 year olds who are ready to jump in with both feet; most of whom held part time jobs during high school, so don’t be surprised!


2: On the Pulse

While every other generation, including Millennials, spent most of their childhood “unplugged” Generation Z grew up having the world at their digital fingertips. This gives them the ability to manage the constant state of flux around them. Their advanced tech savvy puts them leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of us. While it may seem like all of this external stimulation may leave Generation Z lacking focus like Millennials, it has actually allowed them to adapt at an early age to utilizing technology for learning. Take Jack Andraka for example, at the young age of 15 he invented a test to detect early onset pancreatic cancer using his tech skills. Take advantage of their willingness to hop on any technological platform to deliver results.


3: In for The Long Haul

Millennials are notorious job hoppers, jumping from one position to the next as often as twice a year. You can expect to see the exact opposite with Generation Z. The biggest job perk for them will no longer be the personal gratification that Millennials have been seeking. Having grown up during the Great Recession, they place their job security and income as top priorities.


4: Hyper-Customization

 92% of Gen Z-ers have a digital footprint, resulting in them seeking uniqueness throughout their lives and their job searches. To successfully recruit a candidate from this generation I suggest tailoring the hiring process: Delete your boiler plate emails and take the time to use a more personalized approach with phone calls and setting face to face meetings to set a genuine tone.


Keep in mind that each generation in the workforce is going to learn and work differently and this does not mean that one is better than the other. In order to adapt successful methods of working with this Gen Z’ers I recommend staying on top of the market trends and staying away from the inability to change. This will allow you to adapt to the different styles of learning, communicating, and contribution from each new generation of the workforce. Remember that being open to flexibility will vastly improve the success of your approach to Generation Z in the workplace.




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